Spilling the Tea: How to Stay Motivated

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Let's get real for a sec. Isn't adulting just the WORST sometimes? Work, relationships, self-care… Sometimes it feels like a crazy juggling act that would make any circus performer balk. And I've been there!

Trust me, I've wrestled with burnout, hustle culture demons, and relationship rollercoasters. So, here's a cozy chat on my secrets to staying motivated, loving life and dealing with burnout.

Work and Life Motivation

First things first, motivation isn’t one-size-fits-all. It's not a pair of earrings or a lipstick shade.

It's unique to you, your goals, and your heart's desire. What fuels you might not fuel another, and that's perfectly okay!

Important Tips

Motivation At Work: Love What You Do

You know, work's a tough gig. It's not just the nine-to-five grind; it's sudden deadlines, monstrous meetings, and draining discussions.

But what is my secret to staying motivated? I feel passionate about what I do. And no, it's not the ‘heart-eyes' kind of passion, but a profound affection for making an impact.

I love helping others, constantly learning, and challenging myself to grow, to understand, and to evolve. I savor the sense of achievement when I accomplish something big or small—it's not about the bucks, it's about filling my cup and that equals success and helps me reduce burnout.

In Life: Pouring Love Generously

Loving life? Easier said than done, am I right? Especially when daily stresses are just begging for your attention.

But let’s clear one thing up: it’s okay to have unhappy days. Some days, I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, yet I still try to show myself love because, hey, I’m human!

Let's be real; life’s a rollercoaster. We all have beautiful highs and the kind of lows that make you want to eat chocolate, cry, and binge-watch ‘Friends' (again!).

Just remember this: you’re stronger than your worst days and worthy of love, always.

Quick Hacks

Motivation in Relationships

Let's talk about relationships and love! Love is a unique beast. It grins at you one day and scowls the next. It's a soothing balm with a pesky bee sting. It's imperative to understand love as an ongoing process.

Learn, Laugh, and Love: I believe love stems from a deep friendship. It's understanding, a shared giggle, and a heart-to-heart at 2 AM. Learn each other's love language—mine’s gifts to time spent together, like taco nights and cozy cuddles (in no particular order!).

Overflow Your Cup: You've heard the phrase ‘you can't pour from an empty cup'? Well, darling, it's gospel truth! Love comes pouring when you've nurtured your needs first. So remember, your lovely self deserves care, love, and attention. Schedule in some me-time!

Overcoming Burnout: Take a Break!

Burnout: I'd prefer to joust with a unicorn than deal with that! Been there? It's tough, isn't it? The foggy brains, the tired sighs, and the empty eyes staring at endless to-do lists.

I resonate with you, and I have a little secret to share: think of burnout as a nudge from your body. Your soul's plea for a pause. So, take breaks, indulge in your favorite bubble bath, or launch into a spontaneous dance party.

And hey, it's absolutely fine to hop on the struggle bus sometimes—I've got a VIP seat myself!

thoughts & scribbles

Break Barriers

In essence, love, life, and work—it's about figuring out what makes you tick, understanding it's okay to fall and learning to rise again, loving hard, and caring for yourself harder. And of course, knowing you're not alone in this journey!

So let's break barriers, and learn to take care of ourselves… since we are all in this together, helping each other to feel more confident and find joy even in the daily grind.

Got some experiences to share, questions to ask, or just need a motivation boost?

Leave a comment, share your story, and let's keep this conversation going!

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