The Weight Loss Struggle: Real Talk 2.5 Years Post-Surgery

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Just a little reminder, I'm not a medical guru, so chat with your doc before making any life-changing decisions. Let's dive into my journey, okay?

Girl, I get it. The weight loss struggle was my middle name. Like many of you fab ladies, I tried all the diets, workouts, and even those too-good-to-be-true supplements, only to hit a wall. Feeling stuck and frustrated? You're not alone!

Flash forward to the world of bariatric surgery: I embarked on my VSG journey, waved goodbye to 160 pounds, and found a newfound sense of self-love and confidence.

PCOS joined the party, too (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, for the unfamiliar). Yup, my hormones were not cooperating. But did I give up? No way, I'm tougher than that! So I tried being vegan (I know, crazy, right?), jumping on the Keto wagon, and many other things…until I finally found my solution.

Now, 2.5 years out from my gastric sleeve surgery and still rockin' most of that weight loss, I'm living the life. I mean, sure, I never planned to put my weight-loss story on blast, but y'all asked, and your wish is my command! We're in this sisterhood together, right?

So, here I am, sharing my real, raw experiences with you, beautiful friends. After trying everything under the sun, I found what worked for me—and I couldn't be happier.

Heads up, though—each gorgeous woman's path is unique. Don't compare your story to mine, but instead, embrace the fabulousness that makes you unique. So, let's keep up the sass and self-love because life's too short not to feel absolutely fantastic! 💃

My Gastric Sleeve Journey: Reflections 2.5 Years in

Let's hit the pause button on your Netflix binge for a moment. Time to dish about the gritty, glorious journey of gastric sleeve surgery a.k.a. my epic transformation. Note: I ain't no doctor. This retrospective is served up Hey Randi style – bold and beautiful, snarky yet sweet.

Pssst… Losing weight is no unicorn-glitter-rainbow magical journey. Let's get real. Whether it’s a diet, some jab in the arm, or a surgical procedure, it all demands your blood, sweat, and bravery (and, okay, maybe a little unicorn glitter for fun). I assure you, inking my name up for VSG was not an escape key but a reinvention manifesto.

Guess what? It's been 2.5 years since my surgery, and I'm still rockin' my sizzling new shape (okay, mostly). This high-fashion, low-fuss procedure wasn't a randomly plucked card from the surgery pile; it's the weapon I chose to slay my weight monsters.

The Great ‘VSG' Operation Plan

I strapped on my super-sleuth hat, deep-dived, and swam through seas of VSG literature. Chatting up medi-superheroes (yes, doctors), mingling in bari-community soirees (support groups), and, yes, even turning into a not-so-secret worrier about potential risks. But one thing remained steady – a commitment to turning the tide.

The VSG Puzzle Piece

It's all about finding your fit in this big world of weight-loss wonders. All I can say is, VSG and I clicked like peanut butter and jelly. Talk with your physician, do the research, calculate the numbers – then go after what feels like the best fit for you. No one-size-fits-all solution here, darling.

Why VSG? Let's Get Personal

Picture it: My mom left us too soon at 55 due to rheumatoid arthritis complications, and my dad battle-scarred from heart attacks. Neither were overweight nor had classic health issues hanging in their closets (we're talking epilepsy or the likes of PCOS). It felt like I drew the short stick on hereditary luck.

I chose VSG because I am determined to stick around, to make memories, to be in every family photo for my little ones. And while my journey might differ from yours, each road is worth celebrating. So here I am, 2.5 years later, reflecting, learning, and, yes, still feeling fabulous every single day! 

My Transformation: 160 lbs Lighter!

So, two and a half years since my VSG surgery and I'm feeling like a brand new me– 160 pounds lighter, that’s about the weight of a panda or baby elephant (take your pick)! 🐼🐘 I know, impressive, right?

Once upon a time, I gave up cheese, not for Lent, but FOREVER, and I waged a war on every weight-loss supplement known to mankind. Our epic battle went down in history, but sadly, I was not the victor. My vitamin levels were scraping bottom, my BMI was unflattering, to say the least. Remember that line about being an example or a cautionary tale? Yeah, nailed it.

Well, step aside Apple, because there's a new ‘transformation' in town. I swapped a liquid diet, then soft foods for wholesome, hearty meals. Swapped lethargy for energy, swapped meh for mesmeric! I discovered the mystical arts of portion control and mindful eating, and TBH, who knew nibbling could be such an endorphin kick, right?

Cycling became my new BFF. Regular walks and family rides were my fav calendar events. I was keen on getting my fill of proteins and took my vitamins diligently, like a grown-up (so proud!)

But let's not just talk about the physical. Oh no, darling, the transformation runs deep, much beyond the skin. Throughout my VSG journey, there was a whirlwind of emotional and mental evolution: self-love (the real kind), embracing change, and massive positivity infusions (not in a Zen-master way, but way cooler).

Over these 12 months, this chubby caterpillar metamorphosed into a more fabulous butterfly. Was it instant? Heck no. Was it easy? Again, nope. But was it worth it? Absolutely!

You know those moments we watch other people do stuff and think, ‘If only'? Well, I just kicked those ‘if only' moments in the butt and took control. And seriously, there's no better feeling than knowing you're more than capable of this change.

As a victorious sign-off from my overweight days, the noisy CPAP machine, let's just say it’s safely tucked away on a high dusty shelf.

From 284 pounds (the same weight as a hefty male reindeer — could we get more random here?), And per the latest buzz,, as of July 2023, has dropped from a size 3X or 20-22 to rule the XS/S or size 2/4 stage.

Remember, darling, it's your journey and your story to tell. Love every chapter of it! 💋

Not Your Typical Transformation

My Gastric Sleeve Glow Up

Hey ladies! Can we take a minute to chat about my VSG journey? The results have been staggering and far from “average”.

My doctors had predicted the odds, a possible 83-pound weight loss. But I kicked those odds to the curb, and instead of dieting (so overrated!), I made living healthy my ultimate goal. This involved working out regularly, even on days when the scale wasn't my best friend.

All About Those Vitamins + Supplements

Now whoop-di-do, the buzz question coming right up: Do you need to keep popping vitamins after surgery? Well, before the VSG, my daily dose was 20 supplements—I practically jingled when I moved. Now, it's toned down to just 2 catch-all multivitamins and calcium supplements.

Say hello to great blood work, higher vitamin levels, and reduced inflammation—a victory, I might add, tastier than a guilt-free chocolate fudge cake!

My Superstar Weight Loss Arsenal

Okay, brace yourselves for my absolute game-changers, the A-listers that have been instrumental to my weight loss adventure. I began with a stellar Protein Supplement and a Zero Carb Protein BFF. They powered up my workouts and quashed the munchies like a boss.

To treat my sweet tooth (hey, we all have one), I found some dreamy Protein Bars and Clear Protein Drinks (imagine calorie-free cotton candy). Deliciousness that’s nutritious, you bet!

And for all the Matrix nuts, we have the “BEST” vitamins (drum roll, please!)—the essential one-pill wonder. I had my mornings light and delightful with some Low Carb Granola (yum!). And for those little sneaky cravings, I reached for the Atkin Treat Bars. Perfect pick-me-ups!

Making my beverages sinless was achieved with Skinny Drink Mixes (Holler! Discount code AMAZINGSTEALZ10!). And my current heartthrob is a Zero Sugar Jerky—high-protein and super delicious.

Check out my ultimate list of favorites that'll keep you fueled and fabulous:

  1. My Favorite Protein Drinks: Experience a delectable twist to your workout routine with these mouth-watering protein drinks.

  2. Protein Supplement: Boost your performance and muscle-building journey with this protein supplement that packs a punch.

  3. Zero Carb Protein Supplement: Looking to cut carbs without skimping on protein? Here's a zero-carb option you'll love.

  4. My Favorite Protein Bars: Satisfy your cravings with these perfect protein bars that'll be your new go-to snack.

  5. Clear Protein Drinks That Actually Taste Good: Banish the bland with these clear protein drinks with flavors that'll make you do a double-take.

  6. More Flavored Protein Drinks (Non-Dairy): Dairy-free and delicious, these protein drinks cater to the lactose-intolerant among us.

  7. The Best Vitamins for Your Needs: Complete your daily nutritional needs with these vitamins that cover all bases.

  8. Low Carb Granola: Munch on this delicious low-carb granola for a perfect guilt-free snack.

  9. Atkin Treat Bars to Curb Cravings: Keep those sugar cravings at bay with these scrumptious Atkin Treat Bars.

  10. Skinny Drink Mixes for Coffee, etc.: Make your coffee shine with these skinny drink mixes! Use code AMAZINGSTEALZ10 for an irresistible deal.

  11. Zero Sugar Jerky: Satisfy your carnivorous cravings with this zero sugar jerky. Tasty and guilt-free!

Give these goodies a try, and I'm sure you'll love them just as much as I do!

Warning: Major Skin Talk Ahead

Yes, ladies, we’re addressing the elephant in the room—loose skin. And yes, I got it. But hey, a little looseness here and there doesn't bother me a teensy bit. I’ve got my health and a new wardrobe; I am practically invincible!

Thinking about a tummy tuck? Maybe, maybe not. The jury will return in another couple of years, post-surgery. So, stay tuned for that one!

The Perfect Toolkit

Now, the right tools are just, well, right! A Food Scale, my trusty Apple Watch, and a few others prove they’re worth their weight in gold. Check out the Food Scale I use to keep my portions in check, sans the guesswork.

Though I'm a hardcore Peloton fan, I've discovered a wallet-friendly alternative for my cycling sisters on a budget. My Apple Watch monitors my steps and heart rate like my personal (and less naggy) fitness coach.

Remember, after surgery, your tummy's roughly the size of an egg, so initially, every morsel counts. But now? I listen to my body and eat accordingly—maybe an ounce or two here and there, depending on my body's mood!

Girlfriends, remember, don't compare your journey to anyone else's. It's YOURS. You do YOU!

My WiFi Smart Scale helps me keep tabs on my weight, BMI, water levels, bone mass—so convenient and tech-savvy!

So, go ahead and feel fabulous, no matter where you are in your journey! And remember, whether Chanel or cheddar, you're priceless! 💖


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My Gastric Sleeve Journey

Putting on the pounds is like a bad relationship, so easy to get into and a whole lot trickier to get out of. Now that I'm riding high on the 2.5 years post-surgery wave, I can honestly say I've turned that chicken soup for the soul moment into lemonade. Yep, your girl has kept off most of the weight!

The After-Effects That were Personal…

Achtung, sugar lovers! The sweet life now makes me nauseous—seriously, I'm more ‘dumping syndrome' than ‘dumping sugar into everything.' So, I now guard my sugar intake like a nightclub bouncer, allowing in only 15 grams per day, usually less than that.

Think of protein as my new BFF; we hang out for about 60-80 grams a day. And just like a long luscious meal, eating too quickly can lead to all sorts of drama. That forces me to dine slow, making sure I savor and chew thoroughly.

Who said diets were just crunchy salads and sweaty workouts? They were so wrong! I had to go Marie Kondo on my whole mindset, viewing food as fuel, not fun. I whipped my relationship with food back into shape, breaking away from the emotional comfort eating pattern. All with the help of a couple of lifestyle tweaks rather than nifty quick fixes.

As for the liquid courage, I decided to swear off alcohol post-surgery. It's a personal choice, but some have reintroduced it back into their lives.

Hospital Stay: Was it a Marathon or Just a Sprint?

Now you might ask, how long was the hospital stay? Try just a night! Yep, physiotherapy's got nothing on me. I was doing laps around the ward, getting my strength back quicker than a fast food order. For three days, discomfort played tag with me, but trusty pain meds at night gave me the z's I needed.

Let's be real; it wasn't all Dancing Queen by day. I made sure to alternate beween rest and movement. Not throwing myself into a fitness feverishly dance-off right out of the surgery room, ya know?

Post-Surgery Pain: Did It Hurt?

Here comes the dirt scoop! Did the surgery hurt? Honestly? The biggest ‘ouch' moment for me was more about the gas they used in surgery than the actual incisions. It felt sort of like a post-c-section gas cramp. But moving around felt like a heavenly massage for that discomfort.

Bring your Support System 

Hey, no woman is an island, especially during a weight-loss journey. I was a lucky gal with a loving partner and two exceptionally wise friends who'd had the surgery before. They were like my personal Google. Ladies, it's so essential to arm yourselves with a solid support system.

My Five-Star Meal Plans

Then came the million-dollar question. What the heck did I eat?

I crafted these meal plans as guides, but please, heed these words. These guides are just that—guides. Always listen to your body, sometimes it knows better.

Conquering the Mental Challenges Like a Boss 

The mental game early on was like climbing Everest in flip flops! I had to stick to liquids for the first few weeks and steer clear of the glorious food around my family. Food suddenly was everywhere –TV, books, and mags.

Staring down 100 pounds weight loss from the start was unbelievable. Now, at 160 pounds, it feels surreal, like finding an affordable Louboutin in the clearance aisle. Extreme weight losses can stir up a body dysmorphia storm, so darlings, don't shy away from seeking professional help.

And remember, a life revolving around dining out and planning get-togethers needed a little tweak. I had to shake up my usual fun sources–maybe escape rooms over restaurant reservations?

It's tough, but this change of perspective helped me ace those weight loss goals and keep the newfound FAB ME alive and kicking! 💖

Facts and Frequently Asked Questions About the VSG: Gastric Sleeve

I bet you're curious about my VSG gastric bypass journey, and you've got questions. Fear not, Randi is here to dish out all the T's on this surgical weight loss game-changer.

What is VSG Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Girl, VSG gastric bypass is like the diet fairy godmother we've all wished for. They snip-snap a chunk of the stomach, leaving you with a cute, sleeve-like structure. Food intake? Limited. Weight loss? Promoted. Magic? Almost.

The Skinny: How Does VSG Gastric Bypass Surgery Work?

Here's the situation: fewer stomach inches equal less space for food. Less food equals fewer calories. Fewer calories equal weight lost! It's like you finally found diet Hogwarts.

Who's a Suitable Candidate for VSG Gastric Bypass Surgery?

We're talking BMIs of 40 or higher or 35+ with some extra (health) baggage, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea. But don't DIY this one — let a medical pro decide if you're eligible to join the VSG club.

The Gory Details: Potential Risks and Complications?

Surgery can be a drama queen: think infections, bleeding, blood clots, and anesthesia tantrums. VSG gastric bypass might even toss in some leakage, stomach stricture, or nutritional deficiencies. Know the risks, stay informed, and, honey, plan accordingly.

The Numbers Game: How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose?

It's different for everyone, but 60-70% of excess body weight within a year-ish is a pretty sweet ballpark. Stick to a healthy lifestyle, dietary guidelines, and you can werk that new look for life.

After the Show: Recovery Process Post-VSG

Expect a foodie reboot: liquids, soft foods, and finally, solid eats. Post-surgery, you might feel pain, swelling, and fatigue, but 2-4 weeks should have you back in action.

The Diet Bible: Will I Need to Follow a Specific Regime?

Absolutely, darling! Smaller, nutrient-packed meals are the new you. Stay hydrated and skip high-sugar, high-fat, and calorie dense foods like they're last season's fashion faux pas.

The Fountain of Youth: Vitamins and Supplements After VSG?

With a mini-me stomach, you may need to be BFFs with vitamins and supplements. Consult your healthcare pro to craft your personalized mix.

Can I Regain Weight After VSG Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Look, VSG is a fab helper, but it's not a miracle worker. Keep those lifestyle habits healthy, and get support from professionals. Invest in you, boo!

The Ugly Truth: Costs and Insurance

A VSG gastric bypass price tag? Between $15,000 and $25,000 in the US, give or take, depending on the location, surgeon, and facility. Insurance? They might have your back, but double-check with your provider.

Now go rock that weight loss journey, and always remember: You got this! 💕

Facts and Frequently Asked Questions About the VSG: Gastric Sleeve

If my weight loss odyssey tickles your curiosity and you're inclined to watch some of the visual diary I documented throughout, here's your golden ticket: click to view.

Looking back, I sometimes find myself wishing I had ventured on this surgical route a tad sooner. However, life unfolds as it should, and my journey began exactly when it was supposed to.

Reflections on My Transformative Journey: From My VSG Surgery to Now

Fast forward to the present, and it's been 2.5 years since my surgery. I've successfully managed to retain the majority of my weight loss and my reflections on this personal transformation journey continue to amaze me.

Sharing my narrative as a VSG patient has altered my life, and I'm constantly delighted to act as a beacon for others wading through these familiar waters.

For all you beautiful souls contemplating bariatric surgery or seeking some sparks of inspiration for your own weight loss voyage, lend an ear to my story.

It's incredible how inspiration and motivation can light up the path to health and confidence. I'm living proof that it is never too late to pivot towards a better you, both emotionally and physically.

If my narrative strikes a chord and you want to dive in deeper into my experiences or connect with a tribe embarking on similar journeys, don't hesitate to sign up for our newsletter or simply drop a dialogue below.

I always look forward to hearing about your unique experiences, challenges you've overcome, and triumphant successes that punctuated your path towards transformation.

So stir up a conversation below and remember — the best project you'll ever work on is you!

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