The Weight Loss Struggle

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Real Talk 2.5 Years Post-Surgery

A quick reminder: I'm no medical expert, so please chat with a doctor before any big decisions. Now, let's dive into my adventure, shall we?

I totally feel you. Weight loss used to be my constant battle. Like many of you amazing ladies, I tried every diet, exercise, and those too-good-to-be-true miracle pills, only to hit a dead end. Stuck and frustrated? Girl, you're not alone!

Fast forward to my surgical weight loss quest: I said bye to 160 pounds and hello to a fabulous new me, filled with self-love and confidence!

I had hormonal issues too (hello, PCOS!). But did I give up? Heck no! I tried veganism (crazy, huh?), jumped on the keto train, and tried lots of other things… until I found my magic formula.

Now, 2.5 years after gastric sleeve surgery, I'm living' my best life. Sure, I never thought I'd spill my weight loss tea, but you wanted it, and I'm here for my gals! We're on this journey together, right?

So, here I am, sharing my raw, honest experiences with you, my beautiful friends. After trying it all, I found what clicked—and I couldn't be happier!

But remember, every woman's path is unique. Don't compare your story to mine—embrace what makes you who you are!

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My Gastric Sleeve Journey: Reflections 2.5 Years In

Time to spill the tea on my own rollercoaster of a gastric sleeve ride. Just to clear the air: I'm not a doctor. I'm just a gal sharing her story—bold and beautiful, with a pinch of sass and a dash of sweet charm.

Let’s face it, losing weight isn’t easy. It’s hard. Whether it’s a diet, a little prick, or surgery, it asks for your courage, sweat, and a touch of faith for good measure. Signing up for the gastric sleeve surgery wasn’t a quick fix but a pledge to a new me.

Fast forward to 2.5 years since my operation, and I'm still loving my decision.

Opting for this practical procedure wasn't a random toss-up; it was my chosen weapon against weight challenges and imminent death (my mother passed away at a young age).

Important Tips

The Gastric Sleeve Game Plan

I did my homework and dug into all the available information about gastric sleeve surgery.

Speaking with doctors, joining support groups, yes, even fretting over potential risks.

Through it all, I remained committed to change.

Sugar Addict

I used to adore sugar, right? These days, I can't stomach sweets. Truly, sugar overloads make me feel sick, and I've turned into a sugar gatekeeper, sticking with around 15 grams daily.

My Protein Intake

Protein and I? We're now the best of pals, hanging out about 60–80 grams a day. And, girl, eating is no longer a sprint event. It's a slow, savored process.

Diets aren't all about nibbling on salads or drenching in workout sweat. Nope! They're also about shifting your view on food—seeing it as fuel rather than a fun distraction—and this is what I kept as my main focus.

Finding Your Fit: Weight Loss Your Way

The weight-loss world is bigger than a clearance sale rack. And for me, the gastric sleeve surgery fit me like that knockout dress you find hidden in the back.

But that doesn't mean it's for you too. So always consult your doctor, do your research and then confidently strut towards what seems like the best fit for you!

I cut out Alcohol

To reduce my post-op risks and weight gain, I gave alcohol the boot. That's a personal choice, and it's been working for me.

My Personal Journey

Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery? 

Imagine this: my mom left us tragically early at 55 due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, and my dad's endured his share of scares. Both weren't overweight or battling well-known health issues like epilepsy or PCOS like I do. It felt like I was the unlucky winner in the genetic lottery.

I chose gastric sleeve surgery because I'm determined to be there, to make memories, and to be in every family photo for my little ones.

Your journey may not match mine, but every path is worth celebrating.

Here I am, 2.5 years in, learning, reflecting, and feeling fabulous every day.

Things that helped me stay on track:

a food scale to keep an eye on portions,

an Apple Watch. It gave me a data-driven lowdown on my progress.


Sure, post-surgery, your tummy is the size of an egg, and each bite is precious. But now? I listened to my body’s rhythm and went with it.

Remember, your journey is unique to you. So, own it.

My Transformation: 160 Lbs Lighter in 1 year

I shed 160 pounds in 1 year—that's basically a baby elephant, isn't it wild?

Now, I did try the whole no-cheese diet (I know, right?), and I've rummaged through the endless world of weight-loss pills. Spoiler alert: it didn't work for me. Low energy, low self-esteem, and a higher than desired body weight left me feeling depressed.

I waved goodbye to yo-yo diets and hello to delicious, wholesome meals. Swapped exhaustion for energy; traded the mundane for the marvelous. Portion control and mindful eating became my secret sauce. Who knew mindful eating would be the mood lifter we've all been dreaming of?

Suddenly, I'm addicted to cycling (hey, Peloton), and family walks are the highlight of my week. I'm all about the protein life and popping my vitamins regularly.

But it wasn't just the physical makeover. I'm talking about a full-blown heart-and-soul makeover. Throughout this journey, I treated myself with self-love, embraced the ebb and flow, and boosted my self-worth.

In just a year, I transformed from a self-conscious gal to a confident, fabulous butterfly. It wasn’t overnight magic, and it sure wasn't the easiest path, but my oh my, was it worth it!

Imagine those ‘I wish I could do that' moments just disappearing. Yup, I told them where to go. There's nothing quite like the power rush from taking control of your life.

And as a bonus, I got rid of my noisy sleep apnea machine. It’s collecting dust somewhere, thankfully.

From a significant 284 pounds as of July 2023, I've journeyed from a clothing size 20–22 down to a size 2/4.

Remember, girlfriends, this is your life and your journey. Own every single part of it. So, love every curve, every edge, and every single moment.

It's all part of you being you!

thoughts & scribbles

The Weight Loss Scale

You know how doctors play hypothetical? Mine predicted a weight loss of around 83 pounds. But I skipped past their estimates, like they were on mute. So, even when my scale and I weren't on speaking terms, I still hit my workouts.

And then there's my vitamin cocktail hour. Before surgery, I was swallowing 20 supplements daily. Now it's all about just two super-multivitamins and my calcium tabs.

The result? Clean blood test results, skyrocketing vitamin levels, and lessened inflammation. It's like finding the perfect pair of jeans on sale!

My all-star lineup of foods and supplements 

My favorite protein supplement, low carb protein, amplified my gym sessions. And crushed cravings.

For the sweet tooth among us (guilty!), protein bars and clear protein shakes swooped in like calorie-free fairy floss. Lip-smacking and waistline-friendly!

The crème de la crème of my food roster is the all-in-one vitamin for my morning routine.

And let's not forget my light, low-carb granola for a brunch crunch.

Got a midday craving? In comes the Atkins snack bar, like a knight in sugary armor.

I made my drinks guilt-free with the Skinny Drink Mixes (Don't skip on AMAZINGSTEALZ10 for a fabulous discount!).

And the new favorite in town is the Bacon Jerky—protein-rich and oh-so-scrumptious.

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Randi Signature

Losse Skin: The Details

On to the unmentionables now: loose skin. Yes, I have some, but not as much as I anticipated due to genetics. But it's a battle scar I wear with pride. It's all part of the journey, honey! Will I have a tummy tuck? Only time will tell.

The Hospital Stay: Quick Intermission or Long Episode?

I was in the hospital for only a night! Can you believe it? True to my nature, I was up and around quicker than you can say ‘Amazon Promo Code' After three days of slight discomfort and taking some pain medication, I was on my way.

But don't go thinking I was jamming to ‘Dancing Queen.' I made sure there was a balance between rest and movement—no crazy dance-offs for me!

Did the surgery hurt?

As always, I keep it real. Let's spill the beans! The pain was less about the incisions and more about the gas used in the surgery. It felt like gas cramps.

A Support Squad is a Must-have

A support system is so valuable during a weight-loss journey. I was fortunate to have an incredible partner and the wisdom of two savvy friends who had experienced the same procedure. They were my human search engine. Please make sure the right people are also around you.

Mealtime Post-Surgery

So, what was I eating post-surgery? I stayed between 60 to 80 grams of protein and under 15 grams of sugar (typically zero). Here's the crucial part- remember this important truth: your body knows its stuff. Listen to it.

Mental Challenges? MAJOR

Mentally, early post-op days felt overwhelming—like climbing a mountain barefoot! I was on liquids for weeks, and keeping away from temptation wasn't easy.

But navigating through these emotions and habits did lead me to this fantastic place where I’m cherishing my new fab self!

Your Q&A About Gastric Sleeve

I know you've got a ton of questions about my weight-loss journey. So, here's your dose of much-needed answers about the VSG gastric bypass.

Who's Eligible? Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more, or 35+, with additional health factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea. But always let a medical professional confirm if you're the right fit.

The Risks? Like any procedure, there's a chance of infection, bleeding, blood clots, and complications from anesthesia. Be aware, stay informed, and plan accordingly.

Weight Loss Expectation? It's distinct for everyone. But losing about 60–70% of excess body weight in a year is a typical win!

Post-Surgery Recovery and Diet Guidelines: There's certainly a food protocol—liquids, then soft foods, then solids. Eat smaller, nutrient-rich meals, hydrate, and avoid high-sugar, high-fat, calorie-dense foods. Spend some quality time with vitamins and supplements, too!

Costs and insurance? The price varies, typically between $15,000 and $25,000 in the U.S. Check in with your insurance provider to be sure they have you covered.

With the big leap behind me, I'm dedicating this space to share my experiences, encourage women in their own unique journeys, and offer inspiration and motivation.

Have questions, comments, or stories of your own? Don’t hold back! Share them below.

Remember, you are your most exceptional project!

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