Thrifty Gifting: DIY Back to School Teacher Survival Kit Gifts

The new school year is starting now. Teachers are gearing up for lessons, students are securing their school supplies, and we, as thoughtful parents (or appreciative students), are eager to honor those who work tirelessly to educate and nurture.

How? By crafting the perfect DIY Back to School Teacher Survival Kit Gift! 🎁 These kits don't have to break the bank, in fact, with this easy and budget-friendly guide, you'll be creating smiles without straining your wallet.

Essentials to Include


Building the perfect kit revolves around the right tools. Here's how to gather teacher-approved essentials that express gratitude without going overboard on the spending:

  1. Makeup case: This isn't just for cosmetics. A makeup case can neatly store teacher essentials like pens, post-its and more (HERE)!

  2. Extra Gum : A pack of gum can provide a quick and refreshing break during a busy school day (HERE).

  3. Travel Sized Advil: For those headache-inducing moments, this handy addition will be highly appreciated (HERE)!

  4. Penmate Flair Pens : Add a splash of color to their notes. Teachers will thank you for it (HERE)!

  5. Hair Clips: Keep hair manageable for busy teachers who are always on the go (HERE).

  6. Clorox To Go Wipes: Easy to use and carry around, they're sure to appreciate this in our health-conscious times (HERE).

  7. Hand Sanitizer: A must-have, keeping hands clean after every interaction (HERE).

  8. Post-It Notes: Perfect for quick reminders and notes (HERE).

Welcome Back Gifts for Teachers and Staff

What better way to welcome them back than with a thoughtfully packed gift basket?

Show respect and appreciation for their hard work and commitment! The contents of these backup baskets can range from edible treats to funny pictorial calendars, depending upon the personality and preferences of the recipient.

More Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers often become our unforgettable heroes. So, why not show them how much they mean to us? Get creative with these 2023 teacher gift ideas, ranging from DIY books to a customized school map.

End of Year Teacher Gifts

Nacho Average Teacher Gift

End of the school year is always a mixed bag of excitement and nostalgia. It's a perfect time to thank the teachers for their endless effort and patience throughout the entire school year. Show them that the hard work, perseverance, and passion they've exhibited throughout the year have not gone unnoticed. Like this NACH'O Average Teacher Gift Idea 

Beginning of Year Teacher Gifts

School's back in session and there's nothing like a little gift at the beginning of the year to show teachers that you're excited about a fresh start and you appreciate their role in the exciting journey ahead! Stanely Tumblers, coffee gift cards, or a do-it-yourself arts and crafts project – the options are as diverse as the teachers themselves.

Back to School Teacher Gifts

First day at school? Even a simple yet impactful handwritten note to DIY teacher's bulletin board, that will make your teacher's Day-1 can make it as memorable as possible!

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Watch us put the gift together

Let's make the teachers feel special because they are! Show them the appreciation they deserve with heartfelt and handy gift ideas.

From simple survival kits to end-of-the-year gifts, our guide offers myriad ways to say “thank you”. Start adding these to your basket now to get the nod of approval from your favorite teachers.

Don't forget to tag us in your gift prep pictures @whatisthedealrandi @amazingstealz, and inspire others with your unique #BackToSchoolTeacherGifts!


Download the Free Printable We Created Here! 

Download the Free Printable We Created Here! 

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