Mindfulness that Shines, with Slumberkins Yeti

Yeti to Shine Plush by Slumberkins
An empowering buddy for your little ones that brings self-love, confidence, and mindfulness to the holidays.

Embracing Emotions

As a therapist, I spend my days digging into the complexities of emotions, understanding the human mind, and sharing invaluable emotional tools with my clients. 

As a mother, my heart undoubtedly prioritizes cultivating an emotionally rich environment for my children at home—a safe space to share, process, and understand their feelings. It saddens me to see a significant lack of empathy and understanding in today's culture, but it also fuels my commitment to initiating change, starting with my family.

Years ago, like millions of households, we introduced the Elf on the Shelf—a fun, holiday novelty that's brought plenty of giggles over the past 15 years. But something occurred to me recently during my quest to find a tradition that could impart both fun and emotional growth: Slumberkins' “YETI to Shine” was the answer.

As a mindful collection of activities designed to make the holiday season brighter, Slumberkins' YETI to Shine breathes life into the creation of meaningful family memories. With the holidays being a difficult time for many—mentally, emotionally, and financially—this resource offers something different.

The concept is simple but powerful: You don't need massive budgets or extravagant gestures. Instead, invest your time, presence, and intention in these shared activities. The joy and enrichment this brings are gifts money can't buy, serving exactly what our children (and often our partners) need from us the most.

Welcome to “Dash & Grab,” where we make shopping simpler and quicker.

Just click on the link to snag your new favorite items.

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A Closer Look at Yeti to Shine

Slumberkins’ Yeti to Shine is not just another plush toy. It's an engaging, educational kit designed to foster mindfulness, connection, and play in your family during the holiday season. The kit contains a hardcover book, a cozy Yeti plush, a star pillow, and unique star activity tokens.

The idea behind the kit is to encourage daily family activities throughout the holiday season, helping children and parents alike slow down, connect, play, and forge lasting memories.

family time

Unleash Yeti's Magic into Your Home

To share a hint of the activities (without spoiling the surprises!):

Pull out your dance moves for a family dance party

Discover culinary teamwork by baking a new holiday recipe together

Experience the soothing, meditative practice of a mindfulness walk

Make moments to share your favorite things about each other.

Each activity not only brings entertainment but also helps initiate powerful conversations and emotional connections amongst family members in a playful setting. The adorable Yeti plush is an added sweet pleasure, embodying a symbol of connection for both kids and adults alike.

Order Slumberkins' Yeti to Shine today and make your holiday shine brighter than ever before!

Bring Home the Magic Now — Say 'Yes' to Mindfulness with Slumberkins Yeti

How to Use Yeti to Shine

Using the Yeti to Shine kit is as easy as it is engaging. The plush Yeti comes with a pocket on its Shine Bright Star where you find a new activity token each day.

These tokens guide the day's activity of bonding and learning together as a family. After completing the activity, you are encouraged to sit and reflect on the moments you just experienced, thereby fostering both creativity and mindfulness.

the why

Benefits of Yeti to Shine for Children's Emotional Development

The Yeti to Shine product holds a two-fold advantage for your child's emotional development:

Emotional Regulation: Utilizing daily activities like creating arts and crafts or baking cookies, the Yeti to Shine kit helps children discover the importance of regulating their emotions and responses, particularly during a busy holiday season. 

Through these mindfulness activities, kids can learn to manage their feelings in a balanced and controlled manner.

Staying Mindful: Yeti, the character in this kit, becomes a comforting buddy during these activities, fostering the concept of mindfulness in children. 

Through play, Yeti promotes the importance of being present and engaging wholly with each moment to understand emotions better.

A therapist's Point of View

I've been a proud patron of Slumberkins since 2015, utilizing their products in my therapy sessions with children who accompany their parents.

My professional journey diving into harsh realities—from working among the homeless and addiction populations in non-profit sectors to serving veterans and sex trafficking victims—has helped me understand the deep-seated trauma and grief that exist far and wide in society. 

Working in the most poverty-stricken areas of Oakland, Stockton, and the Central Coast has only further highlighted the need for tools like Slumberkins to bridge the emotional gaps between children and parents.

I have profound respect for Slumberkins for the vital work they do—helping children and parents bridge the gap about emotions and facilitate meaningful communication.

Remember, the language of emotions, once learned and shared, creates an emotionally healthy family, an empathetic community, and eventually, a compassionate world!

Real-world Experiences: Testimonials from Parents

Customer reviews and testimonials praised the kit's ability to guide children creatively through difficult emotions and create meaningful, fun-filled family bonding experiences throughout the holiday season.

Yeti to Shine seems to have left an indelible mark on homes, transforming the entire dynamics of family interactions and connections.


thoughts & scribbles

In conclusion, the Yeti to Shine kit from Slumberkins presents a unique blend of comfort, play, learning, and mindfulness. It acts as a tool for improving emotional regulation, affording children suitable strategies to handle their emotions while promoting mindfulness through the exciting adventures of Yeti and the family.

This holiday season, reconsider your gift choices. Make your holidays resonate with joy, togetherness, and thoughtful connections!

Ready to embark on this fulfilling holiday tradition? Yeti to shine, we go!

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