rat girl summer

Oh hey, girl! I've been waiting for you to show up. Grab your cheese, lace up your comfiest kicks, polish that sass, and strut right in because “Rat Girl Summer” is here!

And believe me, it’s more than just nibbling on snacks and rocking that rat girl aesthetic. Are you ready to dive in and ride the wave of this hilariously empowering trend?

Okay, let’s set the scene. Picture yourself (yeah, you, superwoman!) shrugging off those traditional summer clichés. No pressure to look a certain way or follow the glittery illusions of a perfect life – because remember, we're all about keeping it real. The rat girl summer basically encourages you to strut outside and embrace the warmth just as you are.

Born from the genius mind of Lola Kolade, the first “rat girl” on TikTok who dared to be different, rat girl summer isn't just a trend, it's a movement.

So, what's it all about? 

It's about encouraging us to follow our instinctive, rodent-like energies because… They're quick, adaptable, they love a good snack, and they don't give a darn about what anyone thinks. Sounds like we've got a thing or two to learn from our rodent friends!

Rat's Take: Not Hot, Just Feral

“Feral girl summer,” “tomato girl summer,” – Wha…? Yes, I hear you.

It's like one moment we're all trying to grasp what “hot girl summer” means on TikTok, and the next thing we know, we're in the era of embracing the wild, the raw, and the rat-ness.

But here’s the thing, you lovely creature. “Feral girl summer” or “Rat girl summer” is not a step down from the hotness scale (you're always  hot, remember?), it's a step UP in the authenticity meter.

It's about being the empowered woman that you are (or as the TikTok trend likes it “more like rats”), causing a little mayhem, enjoying the ride, and not giving a squeak about pretense or perfections.

Forget about oozing unrealistic hotness, let's celebrate our love for little snacks, unpredictable adventures, and pack away the need to cringe at every “uncool” thing we do.

Let's make room for the cheeky #rodentenergy!

Rat-ivities: What Do You Do in Rat Girl Summer?

So, you're on board the rat train. Excellent choice! Now let's scurry through our checklist.

First, bring out your best “rat girl hat” (SHOP HERE). We’re embracing our wild side, so a little bit of “mischief” never hurt anybody!

Second, mark down all your go-to fun events. From music festivals to picnics, we're in for it all.

Deck out yourself in rat girl summer clothing (SHOP HERE). Now, don’t break a sweat, woman! Clothing in rat girl summer isn't about looking any sort of particular way. Opt for comfort, freedom, and a sprinkle of sass. The more rat-astic you feel, the better!

Capping it off #ratgirlsummer

Sisters, it's time to shrug off those summer stereotypes and step into the light of fun-filled mayhem! No judgment, no pressure! Only experiences, authenticity, and a good nibble at what life has in store for you.

I guess what I'm trying to say in my very “Randi”-esque way is that it's time to ‘Go forth and scurry'. Embrace the chaos, the fun, and the rodent spirit because, in the grand scheme, it’s all rat-tastic!

Sign off your hot girl summer, get onboard the rat girl summer, and let’s celebrate the new trend that is trending not just on TikTok, but in our spirits too! 🐀🧀

Don't forget to follow us for more such silliness. Drop a comment, share your own Rat Girl Summer experiences, or lemme know if you want more of these empowering, uplifting and rat-astic life trends!

Now go on, scurry out there and have the best Rat Girl Summer of your life!

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Rat Girl Summer Affirmations

Deep-Diving into Rat Girl Summer

  • The social phenomenon brought to life by TV & Screenwriter Lola Kolade promotes an unapologetically joyful mindset — quite the departure from the hot stereotypes we have seen.

Rat Girl Summer welcomes food and adventure enthusiasts alike, establishing a playful landscape.

Remember Lola’s rules: 

  • GO outside
  • Don't “scurry” in bed or your couch
  • Don't overthink it
  • ENJOY food (eat all the snacks)
  • Kill the cringe (stop feeling embarrassed)
  • Scour the city streets much like a rat.
  • Yes, you’re allowed “rotting in bed” days (but only 2 days a week; like binging Netflix and doom scrolling).

A shift towards unfiltered authenticity

Thus, Rat Girl Summer summons us to explore, make mischief and devour good food. Starving yourself for summer is OUT and intuitive eating is IN. 

Much like enduring city rats, there's a certain charm in scrappiness and adaptability that TikTok viewers are channeling by following their whimsy, going with their gut and making a life worthy of stories. 

Even when faced with adversities or life's nuisances, the inherent will and tenacity of a rat riding the chaotic wave of city life is admirable — perhaps even a little relatable (ah-hem, life is hard!)

It encourages us to love ourselves for all that we are — perfect or imperfect, hot, or not. We too are learning to let go of inhibitions and embrace our realities unashamedly.

So, let's raise our hats (or rather, our cheese!) to Rat Girl Summer, the trend that helps us reflect, laugh at our quirks and ultimately, toast to real life and its perfect imperfections!

Here's to scurrying through life with an open heart and boundless energy!

Remember, the rat never overthinks. It goes for the pizza slice without hesitation, lives in the moment and moves with its instincts.

So, this summer, let's take a page out of the rat's life diary – throw caution to the wind, unfurl your inhibitions, and do what feels right.

It’s time to summon your inner rat girl and make life truly yours!

All Your Questions Answered: The Top 10 FAQs On Rat Girl Summer

As the summer sun burns brightly and the trends sizzle, one of the most popular movements catching the wave is “Rat Girl Summer”. So what's the fuss about? It's time to dig into our comprehensive FAQ guide, addressing the top 10 queries about Rat Girl Summer.

Why is it called Rat Girl Summer?

“Rat Girl Summer” draws its inspiration from creator Lola Kolade's love for rats' scrappiness and adaptability, two traits every woman should wear with pride. It's a symbolic nod to city rats' capacity to endure and their unabashed love for food, traits human ‘rats' also celebrate under this trend.

Who created Rat Girl Summer?

Rat Girl Summer is the brilliant creation of Lola Kolade, a creative TikToker who started the trend by posting a whimsical video encouraging women to channel their ‘rodent energy', breaking away from the typical ‘hot' stereotype.

When did Rat Girl Summer start?

The Rat Girl Summer trend took off in the summer months of 2023, quickly gaining traction and sparking spirited discussions across different social media platforms.

What does it mean to be part of Rat Girl Summer?

Being a part of Rat Girl Summer means embracing your authentic self, celebrating your quirks, and reveling in the pure joy of life's feral mayhem. You allow yourself the freedom to be who you truly are, unconcerned with societal beauty norms or ‘perfections'.

What are the ‘rules' of Rat Girl Summer?

There are no specific rules to enjoy a Rat Girl Summer, except perhaps one: embrace authenticity! Enjoy the delights of life, explore without apprehension, and be unreservedly yourself. Channel your ‘rodent energy' into adventurous escapades, all while embracing the joy of little things in life.

How can I get involved in Rat Girl Summer?

Joining the Rat Girl Summer wave is simple. Break free from self-constraining molds, be true to your desires, and allow yourself to enjoy life's small pleasures. Share your experiences on social platforms using the hashtag ‘#RatGirlSummer' to add to the collective spirit of authentic self-celebration.

Is Rat Girl Summer exclusive to women?

While the name implies it's catered to ‘girls', Rat Girl Summer is nonetheless an inclusive trend that invites all individuals, regardless of gender, to embrace authenticity, love oneself and freely enjoy life's little pleasures.

How can I dress during Rat Girl Summer?

Dressing during a Rat Girl Summer is all about feeling comfortable and at ease with your choices. Choose outfits that make you feel great! Remember, Rat Girl Summer encourages authenticity over aesthetic conformity.

Can I celebrate Rat Girl Summer if I don’t like rats?

Absolutely! Remember, Rat Girl Summer is a metaphorical concept. You don't need to love the creature to admire its spirit or traits. The ‘rat' in Rat Girl Summer stands for scrappiness, adaptability, and love for simple joys.

Where can I share my Rat Girl Summer pictures and stories?

Share your Rat Girl Summer moments on social media platforms using the hashtag ‘#RatGirlSummer'. This collective sharing helps build a supportive community celebrating authenticity and self-love.

So go ahead, embrace your inner ‘Rat Girl' and savor every moment of this trend. We'd love to hear about your unique Rat Girl Summer experiences! Pop over to our socials and share your stories. Don't forget to use the hashtag ‘#RatGirlSummer'! Keep living, keep loving, keep being your amazing self!

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