QUiz:What type of fall boot are you?

Kick the leaves around and find your SOLE-mate!

We've all had that Cinderella moment, haven't we? That perfect slipper (or boot) that makes us ready to conquer our day and brings a spring in our step.

So with full-on ‘sole-searching' spirit and a hot cup of pumpkin spiced latte by our side, let's shuffle through the leaves to discover your comfy fall shoe-identity. Buckle up!

What's your go-to fall activity?

A. Sipping PSL at an outdoor café watching the world go by.

B. Long, crisp walks surrounded by amber colored leaves.

C. Pumpkin carving manifestations of your ephemeral art.

2. Choose your ideal fall color palette:

A. All the tones of a brilliant autumn sunset.

B. Rich and earthy – think deep greens and browns.

C. Bold and decisive – shoutout to classic black and whites.

3. What does your dream autumn afternoon look like?

A. Cozying up with a captivating book, wrapped in a comfy chunky knit throw.

B. Exploring a nearby quaint town, lured by local fall festivals.

C. A DIY project – maybe painting pumpkins or creating a unique wreath?

4. What’s your preferred fall pumpkin treat?

A. Classic Pumpkin Pie. Yum!

B. Savory Pumpkin Soup. Nourishing!

C. Pumpkin Spice Latte. The ultimate classic!

Ready for the reveal?

 Count up your answers and let's match your soul to your sole!

If you selected mostly AsChelsea Boot is your sole-mate. You love the timeless, classic style that matches your warm and cozy fall vibes.

If your choices were mostly Bs – the Knee High Boot is calling your name. It's practical, fashionable, and ready for any adventure just like you are.

If you picked mostly Cs – Well, look at you! The Doc Martin's (Combat Boot) match your bold and fierce style. Ideal for fall DIY projects or just living life as the boss babe you are!

Well, there you have it, my dear shoe-lovers. Your partner in comfy shoe crime this fall! So whether it's the Chelsea, the Knee High or the Doc Martins – embrace it, strut it, and create your own fabulous fall fairytale!

Stay fabulous,
Randi xoxo

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