The White Tank Top: A True Closet Hero

the perfect white tank top worth buying

Our Verdict on Which Ones Are Worth Buying

If there's one fashion item that every woman undoubtedly owns, it’s the quintessential white tank top.

A versatile piece that can be dressed up or dressed down, the white tank top has become the unsung hero in our wardrobes.

But, coming across the “perfect” one can be quite a challenge. Every woman out there knows the struggle of shopping for good white tank tops that are stylish, comfortable, offer the right fit, and maintain their color after multiple washes.

So, we decided to put some of the top-rated tank tops to the ultimate test and share with you which ones are truly worth adding to your clothing arsenal.



v neck swing old navy tank plus

This flowy white tank top was one of our top picks due to its soft feel and comfortable fit.

This airy white tank doesn't just feel amazing, it's straight-up caress-worthy! Plus, you can't beat that comfy fit that shapes your body just right Allow us to swoon.

Can we talk price? This tank plays it fast and loose (pun intended) – you'll usually catch it on sale, making it Budget-Amazing. The cherry on top? It's a sweet $10 right now – yes, I did say TEN bucks! So, snatch it up before life gets in the way (again!) of your shopping spree. 

Remember, with Old Navy's V-Neck Swing Tank in your arsenal, you're shopping smart, looking fab, and conquering life with that confident strut! 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering no she wouldn't buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

Amazon V-Neck Flowy White Tank

Womens Tank Tops V Neck Basic Solid Color Casual Flowy Summer Sleeveless

Click here to shop

One of the longest tanks we tested! If you like that booty coverage grab this one. 

This fabulous find stretches for days (score!) and pairs oh-so-perfectly with our trusted leggings. Featuring a loose fit that says “Hello, I'm fabulous and I don't need to try too hard.” 

Now, let's keep it real: it might score an A+ for comfy chic but ends up with a B- for tailoring. There's a tad too much fabric in the chest area, making the girls feel like they're swimming in flowy-tank seas. But hey, nobody's perfect!

So, if you’re down with a little extra room, then go ahead and feel like a confident goddess strutting her stuff in this fabulously flowy Amazon V-Neck Tank! You do you, boo! 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering no she wouldn't buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

ExpresS Skimming White Tank Top

Supersoft Linen-Blend Skimming V-Neck Tank

Say hello to your closet's new MVP!

Gather 'round! Let's talk about the fabulous Express Linen-Blend Skimming V-Neck Tank that's about to rock your closet – and your world. 

Introducing THE MVP of laid-back vibes – ideal for making boss babes and everyday moms look effortlessly put together. Pair it with trusty jeans, powerful boardroom trousers, or sneak in some extra sass with a blazer (we know you're a secret style rebel). Then, this baby's ready to play!

Now, it's got a bit of a boxy fit, but it's fierce anyway. Girl, it's so true to size, we might just call it our new FAV! Plus, the deep V neckline flatters and wows in ways other tank tops can only dream of. 

Time to conquer your days with confidence, comfort, and killer style – Express Linen-Blend Skimming V-Neck Tank has your back and your front! 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering YES she would buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

Kohl’s Nine West V-Neck White Tank

Women's Nine West Easy V-Neck Tank black girl wearing white tank top and smiling happy

It's easy to look good wearing this women's tank top from Nine West.

Let's chat about this no-fuss, high-impact V-Neck Tank from Nine West, available at Kohl's. Sweetie, you'll look 10 kinds of fabulous! 

Rating? We're talking applause-worthy, darling. It gives you that cheeky peek-a-boo effect without getting all up in your business. 

Aaand cue your happy dance because this style siren is on sale right now for just $6.99 (as of July 3, 2023) – yes, seriously! How's that for feel-good fashion on a budget! 

To sum it up in an Insta-worthy quote: “Stop the presses, we've found a  budget winner.” 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering no she wouldn't buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

Madewell Whisper Cotton White Tank

Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tank

It's like a soft, cool breeze on a hot summer day, with a wide V-neck that says “effortlessly chic”.

Introducing the magnificent Madewell Whisper Tank, darlings! Crafted from what might be unicorn fluff – Whisper Cotton. It's that soft, cool breeze tease on your skin feeling. 

This numero uno tank is the perfect the slouchy drape, hitting all the spot-on look checkpoints. 

Yes, it's slightly sheer but aren't we all a bit transparent sometimes? And let's be real – its perfect fit and feel will have you crushing harder than high school nostalgia. 

This gives a laid-back, cotton vibe, making it the holy grail for breezy weekday to-dos errands and sacred sofa Sundays. So sit back, relax, and let this tank do the work of making you look fantastic.  

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering YES she would buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

Target A New Day Slim Fit White top

Women's Slim Fit Tank Top Target A New Day, women with long hair smiling and wearing a tank top

This tank top is your new BFF that plays well with others, fitting right in with jeans, ankle trousers, and those oh-so-summery linen shorts

A favorite due to its ribbed material, it makes up for its slightly thin material with its absolute worthiness of inclusion in your closet.

Say “see ya!” to stale summer style, and “hello hotness!” to this sleek, chic Slim-Fit Tank Top from Target. Solid color? Check. Gives your outfit queue a major upgrade? Double-check. Its sexy scoop neck and slinky silhouette make this tank top one versatile vixen ready to adapt to your every outfit style. 

Let's talk fabric. Soft with that clutch hint of stretch, this baby's got moves that are prime for dancing in the sunshine or chillaxing with a glass of rosé. Smitten yet? We're just getting started.

When temps dip, your toasty cardigans, jackets, and button-downs snug right over for easy layering. So go ahead, let your summer style sizzle, with this affordable tank. Right now it's just $4.50 (as of 4/3/23). 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering YES she would buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

Athleta Renew Seamless Scoop Tank

Athleta Renew Seamless Scoop Tank Plus suze women wearing a smoothing white tank top

Crushing yoga classes and rocking grocery runs like the boss you are. Life's just better in this tank, hun.

Honey, let me introduce you to your new wardrobe lifesaver: Athleta Renew Seamless Scoop Tank ( $55, but who's counting?).

We loved this tank top as it’s form-fitting, ribbed, and athleisure-friendly. The spandex material is perfect for those looking for a workout-friendly option. Feel is seamless (more like ah-mazing) for that caress-your-curves comfort and “adios, rubbing!” feels. 

Hold your breath, girl! (Or don't…)  This super-duper Hydrogen-boosted, odor-control tank keeps you fresh as a daisy. Fancy shmancy silver ions in the fabric wipe out that odor before it even knows what hit it. Take that, bacteria! So, no more being stinky while working out, with this odor technology. Plus, it's made from 100% Recycled Polyester, so you can love the Earth while loving yourself. 

Easy-peasy care: Machine wash and dry (aka, magic for tired moms and busy babes). 

Size Deets: Length in size is around 23″ Just long enough to show some sass, not too long to hide all the goods. Note: Hits at low hip. 

Go on, you know you need a cute tank like this in your closet! 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering no she wouldn't buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

J.Crew Factory Vintage White Tank Top

Hey, Hey, Hey! Let's talk about a lil' tank that's gonna make your day (and your wardrobe) – the ultra-chill J.Crew Vintage Slub Tank. 

Just to keep it real, it's hangs a little low under the arms. So, just not our cup of tea. But if you like that, go for it! 

It is a bit BIG on the overall fit, but hey, we ain't one size fits all, right? And did I mention, this baby goes all the way up to 3X

Super bonus: it's 65% off and only $9.95 right now! So, make those dollars werk! 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering no she wouldn't buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

Banana Republic Ribbed Scoop Tank

Ribbed, comfortable, and tailored to perfection for those with a shorter torso.


In 2 second place, Banana Republic's Ribbed Scoop-Neck Tank! This little star rose to the top of the heap, leaving all the other contenders eating dust!

Short-torso sisters, it's tailor-made and oh-so-perfect for you! Extra bonus? Prepare to be BFFs with the sweet Extra 25% Off At Checkout. 

Originally $30 and now 67% off, say hello to a ridiculously fab, TEN DOLLARS only! Whoa!

Why fuss with the details, you ask?

  • Scoop neck: Check! 
  • Straight hem and semi-fitted: Check! 
  • Smooches your waist just right: Check! 
  • Comfy-as-pajamas (96% cotton, 4% spandex): Check! 
  • And machine washable, too? Yup! Genius, I tell you! 

Get it, own it, work it! 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering YES she would buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

The Ultimate Favorite: Aerie No BS Tank

Aerie No BS Scoop Neck Tank Top

Oh honey, are you ready for the ultimate tank-top-love-fest? You better be, because the Aerie No BS Scoop Neck Tank Top is the one!  WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

Just ask yours truly – I've got it in every darn color and then some! 

Hold on to your socks, girl, 'cause End of Season Sale is here and it's bringing the heat! We're talking 50% off – yup, from $19.95 down to $9.97! Are you happy yet? Because I am! 

But let's dive in and get acquainted with our new BFF, shall we?

  • Ultra comfy ribbed fabric: Check! 
  • Sassy scoop neckline: Check! 
  • Seam deets at the back (it's those little things that count!): Check! 
  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester magic: Check! 
  • Easy-peasy machine wash: Check! 
  • Classic fit and length running true-to-size: Check! 

Girl, this is the tank top equivalent of a warm hug, a belly laugh, and a flawless hair day, all wrapped up in one!  It's the no-BS, feel-good wardrobe essential perfect for busy moms, tired wives, boss babes – basically, every fabulous woman just like you! 

So go on, treat yourself to the Aerie No BS Scoop Neck Tank Top, and strut with confidence, comfort, and sass rolled into one! 

Randi thinking asking if she would buy it ? answering YES she would buy this item @whatisthedealrandi heyrandi amazing stealz

Our Thoughts on the perfect white tank

Finding the perfect white tank top, a versatile piece that effortlessly transitions from casual daywear to chic evening wear, is no mean feat. But with our white tank top roundup, we hope to have made the mission a little bit simpler.

Great for layering under cardigans or for pairing with a statement pant, a good white tank top promises that wow-factor that’s sure to give you the ultimate style edge! We encourage you to try the ones we loved and tell us all about your experience.

And, while you're here, why not sign-up for our newsletter? Stay updated with the most affordable fashion-forward insights and the hottest sales around the corner.

Now, off you to go shopping!

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Listen up, ladies! Your wardrobe has been begging for this. We've searched high and low, asked all the right questions, and now we're ready to let the white tank top secrets out of the bag. Because let's be honest, we all have those lingering questions about our go-to white tanks that need answers (I'm looking at you, stubborn stains)!

So get comfy, as we unravel the mysteries of our beloved white tank tops!


All Your Burning White Tank Top Questions Answered

Girl, I feel you. There's nothing worse than a white tank that turns into a see-through mess after one wash.

Our top picks for white tank fabrics:

Cotton (aim for 100%): breathable & beating the heat in style!

Cotton blend with a little spandex: hello, perfect stretchy fit!

We've got you! Here are super helpful tips:

  • Know your size & measurements
    Check the size chart (those things really work, who knew!?)
  • Read reviews for fit insight (real women, real talk)
  • Consider your body shape for the ideal style (scoop, V-neck, flowy)

TLC is the secret sauce, babe! Listen up:

  • Wash with other white/light clothes (no sneaky red socks!)
  • Cold water is your BFF
  • Gentle cycle for delicate fabrics
  • Add a laundry whitening product (optional, but oh-so-handy!)
  • Use a dirt lifting laundry detergent like Persil, our favorite!

Sky's the limit, my friend, but here are some inspo ideas:

  • Jeans & sneakers for a comfy-casual look.
  • Dress it up with a blazer & heels.
  • Layer under an open button-down shirt.
  • Nail that boho-chic with a flowy maxi skirt.

how to style a white tank top with jeans

Absolutely, girl, make work wardrobe magic!

But remember:

Consider your office dress code first (rules are rules).

  • Up the ante with a tailored blazer or a sleek cardigan.
  • Pair with slacks or a pencil skirt (no mini-skirts).
  • Accessorize with tasteful jewelry.

. white tank work outfit idea with trousers and chunky heels

Slay those stains with:

  • Use a clear deodorant if possible that helps reduce armpit staining. 
  • If the inevitable happens: treat ASAP, use stain remover (like a tide go pen), and soak!
  • Keep calm & don't rub the stain, you'll just spread the uh-oh!

A white tank is so versatile it hurts!

But mama ain't raised no fool, so avoid:

  • See-through situations – choose the right fabric. If you're wearing a tank to work, make sure it isn't see-thru, etc.
  • Overexposed – it's about balancing the sexy and classy. Choose something that hints at the right amount of cleavage! Remember less is more, keep them guessing 😉 

How often should I replace my white tank tops (even though I'm sentimental)?

Girl, let it go when:

  • It's more holes than fabric
  • The color resembles dirty snow
  • The fit says your ex's oversized shirt instead of white tank top goddess!

Smart shopping tips, comin' right up!

  • Wait for sales (patience is a virtue)
  • Buy in multi-packs (less $$, more tanks)
  • Invest in quality (low-cost can be just that, no quality)

Girl, it's all about owning it!

Smile, strut your stuff, and feel fabulous in your white tank top, no matter the occasion!

Now that we've unlocked the white tank top mysteries and waved goodbye to the unknown, you deserve to shine brighter than ever in your favorite wardrobe staple!

Go rock that white tank top you will look amazing!

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