Meet Our Family Pets

Our sassy fur baby Evie chilling in the car, reminding us to take a breather and enjoy the moment

Heartwarming Tales and Lessons from our Chunky Four-Legged Family

Life is a lot more fun, goofy, snuggly, and downright amusing with pets around, don't you agree? After all, every pet has a personality of its own—one that unabashedly charms and engages us in its own unique way.

For those fellow pet lovers out there, let’s take a fun, heartwarming journey into the lives and adventures of our two adorable, round, and rambunctious English bulldogs—Evie and Bowser!

Introducing Evie And Bowser​

Raising and caring for rescue pets comes with its own set of rewards and challenges. At the end of the day, Evie and Bowser, our rescued English bulldogs with their unique personalities and quirks, have brought immense joy, laughter, and warmth to our lives.

Their stories remind us that there's a world full of furry friends waiting for a nurturing, comfortable home. If you’ve ever considered adopting a fur baby of your own, take this as your sign to take that step towards enriching not just their lives but yours as well.

Remember, every pet enriches our lives in their own clumsy, goofy, stubborn, cuddly, and absolutely lovable way. It’s time to spread the word.

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Rescue and Love

Introducing Evie

Say hello to Evie—the fourth love of my life and an English bulldog I rescued. Evie is a round, chunky princess, weighing in at a hearty 60 lbs. She's a mix of sass, cuddles, and stubbornness, making her all the more irresistible. Evie prefers the comforts of our home over the great outdoors, much like her mama. At her ripe age of nine, she's certainly my soul animal.

Rescuing Evie was one of the best things I ever did and the best discount I’ve ever found. We drove to another state to get her, and she has been an integral part of our family since then.

With the average lifespan of English bulldogs being around ten years, I cherish every precious moment with her. Whether it’s dressing her up in cute costumes (much to her dismay) or watching her nap on chewed-up Amazon packages, she fills our lives with pure joy.

Wondering what a princess like Evie loves? Check out her favorite pawfect pink dog accessories on Amazon.

Main Character Energy

Welcoming Bowser

Now, let me introduce you to our English bulldog rescue, Bowser. This two-year-old fur ball is ready to play the lead character every day.

He's 70 pounds of pure, adventurous spirit and has an “eat anything in sight” personality. His morning routine sometimes includes unconventional breakfasts (like my bra!), and his playfulness is absolutely infectious.

He was sadly “bred” to be a “mini bulldog.” No such thing exists. So he will have lifelong health problems with his legs from being bred incorrectly. 

Bowser is an aggressive chewer and requires a lot of stimulation. To keep him engaged, I headed to Amazon, my one-stop shop for all things pet-related, and found him an affordable snuffle mat to enjoy during his feeding times. And let me tell you, he loves it!

A New Home and a New Beginning

Our journey with Bowser started when our rescue organization, specializing in bulldog breeds, reached out to us about a local issue of animal hoarding.

It was heartbreaking to know Bowser was one of nine dogs struggling in a small home. We convinced the well-intentioned, yet misguided woman to let us give Bowser a better life.

Bowser’s story isn't unique, and it only paints a small picture of the larger issue of animal hoarding. But it’s a start. The situation required a lot of work: surgery, antibiotics, neutering, and a fair bit of love and patience.

Training a 70-pound, one-year-old canine who barely knows the ABCs of being a pet was challenging. But every step was worth the effort and the love.

Now, Bowser is happily sporting his first collar and leash, learning to exercise, eating dog food, and slowly but surely socializing with Evie.

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