Ultimate Game Closet Organization and Ideas

Creating an Organized Family Game Closet 

Do you find yourself digging through piles of board games or craft supplies in a cluttered closet? Yearning for a more streamlined approach? Don’t worry; we've got you sorted. Discover our top Amazon finds that are perfect for game closet organization, and transform your chaotic space into a hub of fun!

Here's a look at my personal journey with game closet organization.

Step 1: Clear the Clutter from Your Game Closet

The first step of any good closet organization initiative requires you to declutter. Grade all your board games, craft supplies, and other items one by one and decide what needs to stay and what can be passed on. This upfront effort will pave the way to an organized and functional game closet, guaranteed to brighten family game nights and craft sessions.

Step 2: Equip Yourself with Game Closet Organization Solutions

Once your game closet is decluttered, the next task is to find suitable game closet organization tools. Amazon is a treasure trove of functional storage solutions that can keep your closet in shape.

Our favorite game closet organization items from Amazon include:

  • Stackable board game organizers: For instance, these cube organizers are perfect for keeping your board games organized and easily accessible. They're designed to fit most standard board game boxes and can be stacked to save space in your closet.

  • Plastic Bins: Similarly, these multi-use organizer bins are perfect for decluttering and organizing your storage spaces. These bins allow you to easily see and access the contents, making your daily tasks more efficient. Above all, the large size of these storage containers provides ample space for various items, from games to craft supplies.

  • Craft supply organizers: Keep your craft supplies in order with Amazon's wide variety of craft storage solutions. From plastic drawer units to hanging pocket organizers, there's something to suit every craft closet.

  • Shelving units: However, adding shelves to your closet can help maximize your storage space. Also, Amazon offers a range of shelving units in many sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your closet.

    Above all, my favorite game closet organization tool are these mesh pouches! Lightweight and durable, these pouches keep small game components neatly organized and quickly accessible. With convenient zipper closures, they ensure your game parts remain safe and clean.


Step 3: Organize Your Board Games and Craft Supplies

Having equipped yourself with practical game closet organization solutions, it's time to sort out your board games and craft supplies. Group your board games by category, arrange craft supplies by type, and label your containers and shelves for effortless location.

Follow these tips to create an organized, user-friendly system:

  • Categorize your board games: Divide your collection into categories like family games, adult games, and children's games. This approach streamlines the process of selecting the perfect game for family or adult game nights.

  • Sort your craft supplies by type: Organize your crafting materials by type, such as paints, brushes, paper, and embellishments. This method will save time and energy when searching for specific items during a crafting session.

  • Label your storage containers and shelves. Make sure to label your containers and shelves, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly locate games and craft supplies whenever needed.

Amazon has a fantastic selection of storage solutions that will help you keep your games neat and tidy.


Step 4: Celebrate With A Family Game Night

With your game closet organization complete, why not inaugurate the space with a fun game night? Pick out a board game from your newly organized closet, choose a date, invite your friends or family, and enjoy!

Here's our Family Favorite Games!

Favorite Games For Unforgettable Game Nights

Game nights have become a cherished tradition in many households, where families gather around to engage in friendly competition and create lasting memories. Often, these occasions revolve around favorite games, aka the board games that the whole family agrees upon. These games manage to capture the essence of fun, challenge, and camaraderie that embody the spirit of game night.

Precisely because each family has their own unique family favorite, a game that resonates with them due to shared fun-filled experiences or its ability to stir thrilling competition. A well-organized game closet ensures that these favorite games are always within reach, ensuring a hassle-free start to a memorable family game night.

Our Favorite Games on Amazon


Board Game Storage for Game Closet Organization

Board game storage is a vital aspect in maintaining tidy, organized spaces in homes, especially those of game enthusiasts. Effective board game storage not only keeps your collection well protected and intact but also ensures easy accessibility.

Using smart storage solutions like stackable organizers or storage boxes can be a game-changer for managing your board games efficiently. Additionally, creative options like vertical shelving or hooded cabinets can accommodate larger games that might not fit conventional storage. Ultimately, properly organized board game storage facilitates smoother, more enjoyable gaming sessions by eliminating the hassle of hunting down various game components buried under a cluttered mess.

Card Game Storage: Practical Game Closet Ideas

Card games, with their compact size and endless entertainment value, have earned a special spot in our game closets and our hearts. As small as they are, keeping card games organized can be a bit tricky, especially when you're trying to prevent bent corners or lost cards.

That's where specifically designed ‘storage boxes' come into play. These boxes, often equipped with compartments of varying sizes, can neatly accommodate different types of games, be they sprawling board games or slender card decks. They safeguard your beloved card games, ensuring their longevity while also adding an additional layer of orderliness to your game closet. With the right storage boxes, game closet organization becomes an achievable task rather than an uphill battle.

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