NYX fix sticks concealer review (Early Release)

NYX Fix Sticks Concealer
It’s giving big drop energy! NEW affordable beauty offerings from NYX Professional Makeup include innovative new lip offerings, color correctors, vividly rich liners, and more.

NYX Fix Sticks Concealer Exposed: Your New Bestie in the Journey of Flawless Skin?

Hey, beauties! Gather around with your coffee (or wine—no judgment here!). It's time to delve into the fabulous world of NYX and give you my NYX Fix Sticks concealer review. At the heart of our chat today is their latest superstar, the NYX Fix Sticks Concealer. As your makeup-loving confidante, I’m here to break down the who, what, and why of this product that's got everyone talking. Ready? Let's get into it!

If you're anything like me, trying out new makeup is akin to the first day of school—all nervous excitement and charged anticipation. NYX Professional Makeup is a mixing pot of colors, style, and innovation, continuously serving up products that make our hearts aflutter. On the menu today? The NYX Fix Sticks Concealer

This blog is your cozy corner on the internet where we sift through the hits, misses, and maybes, so let's deep dive into the NYX Fix Sticks Concealer, look at what it offers, and determine whether it's worth a spot in your beauty routine.

A Comprehensive Review of NYX Fix Sticks Concealer

What the Fix Stick is About

High on our list of important makeup questions is: can the NYX Fix Sticks Concealer really “fix” our skin troubles? Billed as a quick fix solution that's creamy, moisturizing and lasts a whopping 12 hours, this concealer comes in 6 color-correcting shades and 18 complexion shades. A wide range under one roof—we're already feeling the inclusivity, NYX!

Ingredients Pros (Hyaluronic acid)

The star player is hyaluronic acid, a hydrating hero that our skin adores. Think about your skin singing love songs to this wonder ingredient. If our skin had a phone, hyaluronic acid would definitely be its favorite contact!


Pros: Happy Dance

"Happy Dance" moments are the feel-good experiences that products give us—ones that make us want to twirl around in joy!

Cons: Hard Passes

On the flip side, we have our "Hard Pass" experiences. We've all had instances when we'd rather pass on a product than bang our heads against a wall in frustration.

Tips & Tricks

Using the NYX Fix Sticks Concealer

Now, on to the real deal: how do you use NYX Fix Sticks Concealer, and what's the secret to the best outcomes? The truth is, there isn't a secret!

With a swipe here and there, your skin gets covered and color-corrected in an absolute jiffy. The formula is creamy and easy to blend, so no worries if you're running late or need a quick touch-up on the go. For that no-makeup makeup look, pair it with your favorite moisturizer for a dewy, natural finish.

The Color Shade Spectrum

The NYX Fix Sticks Concealer comes in a spectrum of 24 shades, including 6 color-correcting tones and 18 different complexion shades, meaning there's something for everyone. From redness to dark spots, it covers a variety of skin issues without masking your unique skin tone. This is a shout-out to all my ladies: NYX has one less reason for you to feel left out!

NYX Fix Sticks Concealer vs. Others

Comparisons and Differences

Stacked against other NYX concealers, the Fix Sticks stand tall with their long-lasting wear and sheer range of shades. Moreover, against other popular brands, it stands as an affordable, high-quality alternative.

Customer Reviews and Opinions

What's a review without some crowd-sourced opinions, right? We did some online digging, and here's what users have to say about the NYX Fix Sticks Concealer:

One user raved, “This product literally saved my mornings—a few swipes, and voila, my skin looks better than ever!” Another praised, “You get so many shades that it's impossible not to find one that's perfect for you! It's a great, affordable concealer.”


the verdict on fix sticks

So, what's the verdict, ladies? Should you make room for the NYX Fix Sticks Concealer in your makeup bag? The real question should be, Why haven't you already? It's inclusive, versatile, affordable, and effortlessly fits the bill of your everyday skin companion on your quest for flawless skin.

Excited to try out this superstar in your makeup routine? Head over to your favorite NYX store or online platform and get your hands on NYX Fix Sticks Concealer.

Let's celebrate diversity while concealing, correcting and brightening that beautiful skin of yours!

Remember, in the world of makeup, as in life, it's all about experimenting and finding what works for you. You got this, gorgeous!

Pros and Cons

To Conceal or Not: The NYX Fix Stick Concealer

Grab your go-to unicorn slippers, a cup of the steamiest chamomile tea, and let's dive in together to peek at the Spring 2024 version of the new NYX Fix Stick Concealer.

Happy Dance Moments

Inclusivity game strong! — Like a good Saturday night, this concealer's got a little something for everyone! With a selection of hues wider than your favorite rom-com's plot twists, we're talking about 24 skin-loving shades here.

Science, but make it pretty—this new NYX Fix Stick Concealer introduces an amped-up ingredient list including our skincare darling, hyaluronic acid. Think of it as a hydrating love note to your skin.

Coverage as strong as your coffee: This stick offers medium to full coverage, waving goodbye to those under-eye circles and blemishes faster than your date can say, “Check, please!”

Friendly on the pocket—NYX continues to woo us with its affordability. Who says you can't get supreme quality without dipping into your savings account?

Hard Pass Experiences

May outlast some relationships, but not all. NYX claims a 12-hour stay, but output can be influenced by skin type, weather, and living life in full color. Odds are, you might need a touch-up during the day.

Let them eat cake? Not on your face! — For some skin types, this stick might feel a bit heavy and cakey. It's like eating a whole chocolate cake when all you want is a sliver; it seems great until it's not.

Hunting in a haystack — Finding your perfect shade might be a bit of a quest. But then again, what's a heroine's journey without a bit of drama, right?

Not your speed— The buttery texture may require some time to blend properly on your skin, so it's not your quick get-ready option if you're in a rush.

There we go, darling! The good, the bad, and the downright crucial to make your informed – and fabulous – decision.

Remember, it's not beauty that decides you, but you who decide your beauty. Whether the NYX Fix Stick Concealer is for you or not, you're drop-dead gorgeous. So go forth, puckered and prepared to conquer your world!

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