NYX Fat Oil Slick Click

Exciting News: NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip Gets a New Sibling

Hello, beauty mavens! If you're like me, exploring the wondrous world of cosmetics, experimenting with eye-catching shades, and indulging in lip balms that promise to keep your pout perfectly hydrated all day, then this blog post is for you. Ladies, get ready as we gear up for a first look at the much-anticipated NYX Spring 2024 Collection, which includes its latest entrant, the NYX Fat Oil Slick Click!

Our Star of the Show: The NYX Fat Oil Slick Clicks

Arriving soon and bringing a bold splash of color to the NYX Spring 2024 Collection, the NYX Fat Oil Slick Clicks is the hot sister to the NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip. You can read my review of the lip drip HERE.

The NYX Fat Oil Slick Clicks' vegan formula is infused with the goodness of raspberry oil, avocado oil, and cloudberry oil. Promising twelve long hours of hydration, these balms are perfect for any lip balm lover like me!

For Ulta Platinum and Diamond members, the Fat Oil Slick Clicks are available now for early access purchase.

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NYX Fat Oil Slick Clicks vs. Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Balm

My Skepticism and Hopes

Being a massive fan of the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip, the NYX Fat Oil Slick Clicks piqued my curiosity. The NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip, however, didn't quite hit the mark for me. Despite having a fantastic formula, I struggled with the applicator not saturating well enough for a smoother application, leading to a drier feel than I'd hoped.

However, these new NYX Fat Oil Slick Clicks seem to offer a more straightforward application process, devoid of any applicator troubles.

The expectation? It could potentially be a top contender with Tarte's formula.

The Price Factor

A high-quality product often comes with a price tag, and it appears that NYX is no different, with its current products leaning towards a higher price range. The NYX Fat Oil Slick Click is priced at $11, which once again highlights the brand’s tendency towards the pricier end of the spectrum.

Products like ‘Honey Dew Me Up‘, costing $17, are deemed worthy for their superior formula, but these prices still might make us flinch, especially when we're talking about drugstore makeup. Of course, waiting for a sale could mean snagging these products at better price points.

More Than Just a Single Launch

Look out Spring 2024

Moving away from lip products, the NYX spring 2024 collection doesn't stop at just the NYX Fat Oil Slick Click. They've already launched the Duck Plump High Pigment Lipgloss, which will be available at Ulta starting December 1st. Despite their ungainly name, these glosses seem to be a mirroring dupe for the newly launched   Maybelline Lifter Plump Lip Plumping Glosses.

If NYX continues to add such glossy, beautiful products to their launch lineup, 2024 might be the year of dazzling lips. I, for one, eagerly look forward to trying out the NYX Fat Oil Slick Click and revisiting my lip balm experience.

It’s time to see if the NYX Fat Oil Slick Click equals or even surpasses the old favorite, Tarte’s version!

How to Get Early Access to the NYX Fat Oil Slick Click

Perfect for Ulta Platinum and Diamond members who have early access, the NYX Fat Oil Slick Click is now available for purchase.

An enriching vegan formula that provides a high-shine finish and 12 hours of hydration, the NYX Fat Oil Slick Click is a pigmented balm in a unique click-up packaging. It's a remarkable blend of avocado, cloudberry, and raspberry oils.

And coming soon is the NYX Fix Sticks Concealer. Infused with hyaluronic acid, these sticks offer a creamy, moisturized application. Available in 6 color-correcting shades and 18 complexion shades, be ready to lighten dark spots, reduce redness, and cover discoloration in style!

Let me tell you, these babies sound amazing! According to NYX's press release, imagine a creamy and moisturized application that has our backs (or should I say faces?) for 12 hours. Sounds dreamy, right?

The secret ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is like a tall glass of water for our skin. Not only will these Fix Sticks be available in six color-correcting shades, but they'll also come in 18 stunning complexion shades—talk about inclusivity!


Thoughts & Scribbles

With NYX launching exciting, innovative products such as the NYX Fat Oil Slick Click, the future of beauty indeed looks exciting. The beauty sphere is rife with anticipation and abuzz with comments and early reviews.

It's no wonder that people have been saying things like, “Can’t wait to love these only to have them immediately discontinued like every other product NYX releases” and “Name is a disaster, but if these are anything like the Tarte ones…I'm all in, Dang not until spring 2024. I’m impatient, and these look right up my alley!”

From beauty enthusiasts gushing about the existing Fat Oil Lip Drip to those eagerly awaiting the new launch, this excitement is contagious! We'll have to eagerly anticipate the Spring 2024 launch and see how these products fare in comparison to existing fan favorites like Tarte.

Until then, we hold our cosmetic tools high in anticipation for their glamorous arrivals. I invite all of you on this incredible beauty journey to experience, explore, and experiment with the world of NYX!

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