Kickin’ the Grime to the Curb: Your Complete Guide to the Best Laundry Detergent 

We've all been there. You're elbow-deep in a mound of laundry that somehow seems to grow faster than Amazon Prime deals during Black Friday, and you're wondering: “Is my go-to detergent really the best out there?”

In a recent post in our Facebook Community, we asked followers to share their favorite laundry detergents. We were overwhelmed by the response—thousands of comments flooded in giving helpful advice about what works best for each person's unique needs. Now we're sharing the top brands with you!

Some users commented that they had learned the hard way that cheap detergents could harm clothing. One user wrote: “I would rather spend more money on laundry detergent that's better, because I've learned that inexpensive brands can fade and shrink clothes faster.”

Say no more! We put our followers’ favorite detergents to the ultimate stain-slaying, scent-sniffing test to discover the champ in this race of cleanliness.

You Can't Lose with Gain

We asked our followers for their favorite laundry detergent, and Gain was recommended most often—especially because of the way it makes clothing smell.

Our followers love to bath in the scent of Gain, and the best part? You can have this olfactory joyride for just $0.15 a load with the Subscribe + Save option (HERE)! Stick that in your washer and launder it!

But tread carefully, some of us felt like this scent was a sensory overload and opted for Persil instead. 

While there's no denying the heavenly smell of Gain, we had to wave a reluctant goodbye to this beauty. Why? It turned our fam into an itchy, scratchy chorus line (not exactly the family sing-a-long we had in mind). Not ones to abandon ship, we gave Walmart's Great Value version of Gain a whirl. Verdict?

Not quite the laundry champion Persil is, but hey, it strutted a pleasant scent and a pleasantly surprising price-tag – only $0.12 cents a load! Now that's what we call a #Bargain!

Hammer it Home with Arm & Hammer

If the chemical hullabaloo of some detergents has you worried, Arm & Hammer might be your match.

It's gentle on clothes and fierce on wallet-ease—just $0.07 a load with Subscribe + Save

If you want a laundry whizz that's chemical-free, wallet-kind, and clothes-friendly, Arm & Hammer's got your back! It delivers a stain-whooping punch available in both powder and liquid smackdowns, ready to tackle that Everest-like pile of laundry we all secretly pretend isn't there. It's like your fabric's own personal bodyguard, protecting against shrinkage and fade like a boss.

Plus, shopping for it ain't no wild goose chase – you can snatch it off the shelves of grocery stores and big box retailers faster than your kid's candy-induced hyper hour.

And let's talk about the cherry on this cleaning sundae – with a price point that's doing the cha-cha at $0.07-$0.11 cents per ounce, it's one of the most affordable options that's got our follower-family all starry-eyed! It's like Arm & Hammer took one look at our budgets and said, “I got you, girl.” Get in on this goodie while the getting's good!

Hammer it Home with Arm & Hammer

Ever heard of All-Free + Clear detergent? Yeah, it's that MVP strutting down our cleaning aisle. Our community has given it the gold star for sensitive skin and once upon a wallet-friendly time, it had us high-fiving the price tag. These days, though, it's crossed the $0.13-cents-per-load line and we're squinting, just a teensy bit.

The thing about All-Free + Clear, it’s as gentle as a lullaby – perfect for everyone from baby to all you  adults. But, word around the washer is it can leave a bit of a buildup trail on some fabrics. So here's a top laundry hack for you: Got whites to keep as bright as your smile? Rachet your dial to cold and wave goodbye to residue woes.

Now let's get sentimental for a sec – I've swaddled my loads in All-Free + Clear for years, and it was a godsend when our little one's eczema flared up. It bowled over those stains without crying foul on her sensitive skin.

Dirty Lab – Lab-Tested Cleanliness

Dirty Lab might be the new kid on the soap block, but it's already shaking things up.

This eco-goodie might be a little heavier on the purse at $0.30 to $0.40 a load, but for sustainable hue-saving? Worth it.

No dyes, no perfumes, no questionable ‘what-is-THAT?' under its label. And here's the kicker, loves – it's armed with these power-packing enzymes that pounce on stains and send 'em packing! But fair warning, your vice for this eco-nice will come at a premium.

Dirty Lab isn't leaving any residue on your clothes, nor will it leave you sniffing a bad scent. Instead, it delivers a potent punch of fresh-and-clean.

We're seriously digging this as a more nature-savvy detergent option. So, are we ready to go green while getting our whites whiter and brights brighter?

To Tide or Not to Tide

Tide is the Taylor Swift of our detergent world – a follower-favorite.

Spoiler: it kinda wins at knocking that soccer field ‘funk' off your little athletes' uniforms. But be ready to shell out around $0.20 to $0.43 a load.

Persil Has Us All In A Lather!

Our followers have been gushing so much over Persil, you'd think this detergent was the next rom-com superstar. Priced at a fairly reasonable $0.16 to $0.17 a load, this one has us doing the Happy Laundry Dance!

Who Won Our Laundry Hearts?

Each detergent in this showdown has its swagger, but Persil stole our hearts (and our stains), emerging the clear winner!

Remember, the best detergent for you depends on your laundry needs and nose-buds. Happy Laundering, girls!

Your turn! Have your say in the comments below- what's your detergent champion and why? We want to hear from you!

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