10 DOLLAR TERROR? HOW TO Spook up Your Front Porch this Halloween

Halloween Door Mats welcome witches from Walmart on a fall front porch
As Halloween creeps closer, are you ready to bring out your resourceful, creative witchy side?

Has your porch been feeling lonely lately? Could your porch use more of a festive nudge during the Halloween season? But does the thought of spending a bunch on porch decor have you running scared? Well, fret no more, ladies!

With the power of creativity and some thrifty finds, let's transform the space without haunting our wallets. Welcome all to our step-by-step guide on how to spook up your front porch for under $10, with clear focus on the star of the show — Halloween door mats!

Thrifty Spooky Essence

What's more thrilling than creating an eye-catching Halloween porch display? Doing it all on a dime! According to the National Retail Federation, consumers spent over $9 billion on Halloween in 2019. But here, we're brewing up our potion for under $10.

Make the Door Mat the Star

When it comes to the Halloween door mat, it's the first thing your guests might notice. So, start by finding an inexpensive one. From spooky phrases to creepy-crawly graphics, there's no limit on choices. Add some DIY touch to make it unique.

The Halloween Door Mats

Halloween Door Mats with ghosts from Walmart on a fall front porch
Whether you're welcoming witches, startling skeletons, or an adorable bunch of trick-or-treaters, set the perfect Halloween tone right from your front porch with these door mats.

To spook up your porch, we've picked some affordable favorites. From the unsettlingly amusing to the downright frightful, these Halloween door mats are sure to be a hit.

  1. The Bewitching Welcome Mat (HERE): Our first mat features a quintessential Halloween symbol – the witch. With the witch broom against a dark, ominous backdrop, this mat ensures a spooky welcome.

  2. The Ghostly Surprise (HERE): Our second pick takes the cute-factor. With its ghostly graphics that gives a nod to our spiritual friends who only come out at Halloween, ensuring this mat will leave an impression.

  3. The Magical Greeting (HERE): Who says Halloween can’t have a cute side? Our third selection serves up a playful ‘I PUT A SPELL ON YOU!’ to any visitors stopping by your porch. It's a perfect blend of spooky cuteness, adding a kid-friendly touch to your Halloween décor.

With these mats as your base, you can expand your budget-friendly Halloween decor to embrace the fallen leaves, carved pumpkins, and rusty iron gates. Spooking up your front porch doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

casting shadows and light

Halloween Door Mats I put a spell on you from Walmart on a fall front porch
So, get ready to hear the oohs and aahs when your neighbors pass by your Halloween door mat this spooky season!

Ensure that your porch's spooky mood isn't just a daylight thing. LED lights, paper lanterns or simple DIY luminaries with candles within can provide that eerie shadow play on a budget.

Try casting mysterious shadows with bat-shaped cut-outs or creepily carved pumpkins. Remember, the darkness should be your friend, drawing curious eyes towards the Halloween door mat.

The Web Effect

Inexpensive and incredibly effective, cobwebs sprawled across your porch sets the Halloween mood instantaneously.

Let them creep across your furniture, railing, or enhance the edge of your Halloween door mat. Add plastic spiders for that extra shiver!

Cryptic messages

Chalkboards or cardboard signs with cryptic messages can create an immersive Halloween experience. From warnings of the lurking dead, to inviting guests to the ‘witch's den', these creative messages truly amp up the haunted-feel.

Every detail in decor doesn't need justifying with an investment. With thoughtful planning, eye for creativity and a sprinkle of Halloween spirit, achieve that ten-dollar terror that not only appeals visually but also keeps the wallet content.

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Unearth the Unconventional

halloween spooky ghost on porch

Common objects can transform into spooky accessories. Twisty branches, old fabric, jars, and cans can all become part of your haunting Halloween vignette.

How about creating a ghostly figure draped in white fabric or using branches and string lights to make a creepy tree?

Upcycle and Reuse

Halloween decor doesn't necessitate new purchases. Rather, dive into your attic or basement for unused items. Old crates, weathered pots, and chipped plates can be easily up-cycled into spooky displays. Painted black, they make the perfect backdrop for a vivid Halloween door mat.

The Ghostly Gourd Show

Nothing says Halloween like creatively carved out pumpkins. But fret not, if fresh pumpkins are putting a dent on our $10 budget, opt for craft pumpkins that can be used year after year. Remember, uneven is spookier!

Laundry Ghosts

By repurposing old bedding sheets or white drapes, we can invite a few spectral guests to our spooky celebration. Hanged with fishing line from overhead or adorned around the Halloween door mat, they sway ominously with every passing breeze, making a spooky statement.


We hope this blog has proven that being frugal doesn't mean we sacrifice all the fun that Halloween decor offers! By embracing ingenuity and by repurposing, we can encapsulate the enchantingly eerie spirit of the season right on our front porch.

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Remember, it doesn’t take a witch’s brew to scare up some fun, just some inspiration, and a few rusty pennies. Trick or treat? We choose a neat, wallet-friendly treat!

Also, share your porch decorations with us and join the community! We'd love to hear your thrifty decoration ideas!

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