AFFORDABLE STYLE: The Best Free People Dupes on Amazon

Do you find yourself constantly scrolling through Free People's site, despairing at the idea of spending a significant chunk of your paycheck on a single piece of clothing? You're not alone.

Many women love the easy, boho-chic vibe that Free People offers but cringe at the hefty price tags. What if I told you that Amazon, our beloved online retailer, offers a treasure trove of pieces that give off that same laid back, Free People vibe without the high costs?

Dupe Choices for the Free-Spirited Style

Free People's apparel is famed for its relaxed silhouettes, soft fabrics, and unique detailing. Finding similar pieces on Amazon is now easy. Check out these handpicked, inspired choices that women from all walks of life are loving.

  1. Casual Sleeveless Shorts Jumpsuit: An easy, one-piece outfit that's comfortable as well as chic. Perfect for those laid-back summer days when you still want to make a style statement (HERE).

  2. Women’s Puffer Vest: A lightweight jacket that blends autumn's quintessential quilted detail with a cool cropped silhouette. Ideal for layering and giving your outfit a chic touch on those crisp fall days (HERE).

  3. Women’s Oversized Crewneck Sweaters: An oversized, side-slit design that screams Free People. Perfectly paired with skinny jeans or leggings for a comfy, on-trend look (HERE).

  4. Casual Loose Long Bib Pants: The wide-legged jumpsuits are the quintessential display of casual-chic style. Loved for their comfort and playful design (HERE).

Remember, when shopping for these dupes, read the reviews carefully. Pay extra attention to sizing, as this can vary across brands and styles.

Benefits of Choosing Dupes

Budget-friendly fashion: The Free People aesthetic is more attainable thanks to these Amazon dupes. You're getting similar designs at a fraction of the cost that allows you to save, or perhaps, buy more.

Sustainability: Opting for affordable clothing that's inspired by top fashion brands can also help make fashion more sustainable by slowing down the fast, disposable fashion trend.


As a devoted fan of Free People, I was thrilled to discover that I could get similar pieces from Amazon at affordable prices. I have personally tried the Popular Two Piece Sweater Set (seen above) and was impressed by the quality, comfort, and style it offered.

As New York-based stylist Jenny Greenstein notes, “Finding a great dupe is all about identifying what you love about the original piece – is it the cut, the fabric, the color? – and then seeking those elements out in a more affordable item.


In your quest for style and personal expression, the high price points of favored brands shouldn't deter you from adopting the look you love.

Amazon has a thrilling range of Free People-inspired pieces, bringing you that laid-back, effortlessly stylish look for less. So why wait? Add these pieces to your virtual basket, embrace the Free People style without breaking the bank!

Remember, style doesn't have a price tag.

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