Book Review: Find Me (WitSec) by Ashley Rostek

Brace yourself for an adrenaline rush like no other that transcends the traditional tropes of your everyday escape literature.

Ashley Rostek's complete WITSEC series expertly mixes the intense intrigue of a high-stakes thriller with a scintillating reverse harem backdrop in “Find Me”.

This sequence will have your pulse hammering at warp speed, from the first book to the recently published finale.

Run, Don't Hide

find me witsec book series ashley rostek
Find Me and the full WITSEC series: Dive into Ashley Rostek's riveting thriller meets enticing reverse harem. Witness Shiloh's fierce journey from prey to pinnacle. Hold on tight—it's a ride not to be missed!

“Find Me” introduces us to the gritty world of Shiloh, our heroine in the witness protection program, fleeing from a sinister serial killer.

Ashley crafts this cat-and-mouse chase brilliantly, skillfully toggling between Shiloh's haunting past and her suspenseful present, leaving no room for emotional respite.

Unearthing Strength in Shadows

Rostek marries the themes of resilience, trust, and love against the odds, giving this narrative its distinct flavor.

The intricate dynamic of witness protection, taboo relationships, and an unshakeable past challenge the characters, driving them to unprecedented depths and ultimate self-discovery.

love against the odds

Rostek excels in her vivid writing style, pitching the reader headfirst into Shiloh's world. Her strength is evident, not just physically (she is trained in Jiujitsu), but in her fearless independence and refusal to play the perpetual victim.

The four brothers, each with their unique personalities and interactions with Shiloh, provide the perfect dose of diversity, camaraderie, and protective instincts in the narrative.

Overall Impact of the Book

“Find Me” and the rest of the WITSEC series are a must-read for those seeking a thrilling ride that doesn’t compromise on romance, resilience, or action.

Readers, prepare to be swayed by Shiloh's journey from a hunted victim to an empowered individual.

This action-packed series is truly a heart-pounding narrative that delivers from start to its climactic finish.

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