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If you've got a brand that speaks to everyday, kick-butt women—those of us balancing budgets but still chasing fabulous—then Randi and her tribe of empowered ladies are ready to vibe with you.

Our audience—an incredible 92% are home-grown girls from the USA—are most active in the delightful age range of 25-45. Isn't that something?

We're all about living our best lives on Facebook, where we find fashion inspiration, share our universal parenting wins (and hilarious missteps), explore dreamy travel spots, and, most of all, connect with one another.

Pro tip: If your brand caters to our women in Idaho, California, Florida, Illinois, New York, or Texas, you're in for a treat. Our girls there are super active!

So, ready to conjure some magic with Randi on Facebook? Let's do this!


a fresh narrative



In our community on Facebook, we cater to an eclectic crew who's into a smorgasbord of interests.

Here, you'll find everything to tickle your fancy – from fashion to DIY crafts, beauty to parenting – and all the good stuff in between.

Listed here are some hot spots our fabulous followers digs into. So if you're looking to collaborate, bring your A-game and make some heads turn, we're got you. 

  • Women's Fashion

  • Family 
  • Affordable Beauty

  • …and many more!

You see, our girl isn't just a masterful storyteller; she's got brains for days! Armed with a shiny Master's degree in psychology, she knows exactly how to tug at those heartstrings and connect with real people.









Randi, a fashion-savvy woman over 40, embraces a casual yet chic look with her black Walmart Time and Tru Mixed Media Hoodie, paired flawlessly with black leggings, sunglasses, sneakers, a YSL handbag, and a refreshing drink in her Stanley tumbler.
Facebook is where fashion-forward women flock. We serve a rich spread of styles and trends that cater to a multitude of tastes. Whether it's chic style, casual outfits, or seasonal fashion, HeyRandi has got it. You've got the fashion; we've got the audience. Sounds like a match made in heaven, amirite? Drop us a line. Elevate your brand's impact in the world of women's fashion.
Halloween 2023 witch squishmallow, squishmallows at walmart
If you're hunting to sprinkle a pinch of playfulness in the lifestyle arena, then you'll want to tie up with our fabulous Randi for sizzling collaborations on all things toy wonderland, intriguing product finds, affordable lifestyle, and your Christmas survival guide. Plotting affordable lifestyle hacks, sharing the hottest toy finds, or untangling the mess of Christmas planning—she does it all with a whole lot of love. A collaboration with Randi is like finding the golden ticket—a magic carpet ride to an audience that can't wait to love what you offer.












Randi making a margarita recipe in her kitchen
If you're searching for a phenomenal collab overflowing with storytelling magic and an in-depth grasp of what makes us humans tick, then look no further. Dive into our Facebook community group, where Randi weaves enchanting tales sprinkled with laughter, raw authenticity, and a touch of fabulous on a budget. Awaken your storytelling spirit. Join Randi in our corner of Facebook, where we celebrate the messy, the marvelous, and the sheer magic of simply being human. After all, at Hey Randi, our audience isn't just an audience; they're family!
mother and daughter laughing and playing pickleball on a pickleball court with pickleball raquets in walmart athletic wear
If you're seeking to create a partnership with someone who genuinely gets the wild and wonderful world of family life, then look no further! From DIY crafts gone wrong to what really happens when you attempt the trending yoga pose with your kiddos tumbling around, she's the quintessential mom-influencer. Her relatable sharing of life's mess, stress, and the ultimate blessed nature of family life resonates with everyday mamas and papas living in the real world. A collaboration with HeyRandi allows you to connect authentically with families everywhere, and that, my friends, is more magical than discovering your forgotten stash of chocolate.







we create connections

By aligning forces with Randi, you'll be working with your virtual BFF, who knows all the delightful chaos of this thing called ‘family'. Randi is your mama bear guide who can share genuine, down-to-earth content that pulls at the heartstrings of her audience.



Did you know, our community  gains nearly 34,000 followers each year?

We have about 56,971 fabulous femmes chit-chatting and sharing their monthly adventures every day.

Our posts are a hot-ticket, ranging from 3,000 to 25,000 views. Like, can you even?!

We've got influence that stretches far and wide, from New York to Shanghai. So why the wait, darling?

Partner with Randi, and get your brand seen, heard, and remembered. Let's create a fresh new narrative, right now!





top interests

This isn't just a list of what we embrace, it's our declaration of living and loving life, one deal at a time.

  • Women's Fashion (because who doesn't love a bit of retail therapy, amirite?)
  • Entertainment (from binge-worthy series to juicy celeb gossip)
  • Travel (even if it's more sofa surfing than tropical island hopping for now)
  • Beauty (smoky eyes or bold lippie? Yes, please!)
  • Home Decor (channeling our inner-Chip and Joanna Gaines)
  • DIY + Crafts (Pinterest failures, welcome here)
  • Event+Party Planning (from stay-at-home soirees to Zoom birthdays)
  • Health (real women, real bodies, real talk)
  • Design (turning your ordinary to extraordinary)
  • Food.and.Drinks (guilty pleasures and healthy go-tos)
  • Education (learning never goes out of style)
  • Wedding (buttoned-up nuptials to laid-back I dos)
  • Parenting (because we're all winging it)
  • Animals (their cuteness, our sanity, it's all related)
  • Men's Fashion (let's help our guys look fab too!)
  • Gardening (garden gnomes and green thumbs unite!)
  • Children's Fashion (Baby Yoda tees, need we say more?)
  • Vehicles (Yes, we love our wheels as much as the next gal)
  • Electronics (tech-savvy or not, we got you)
  • Finance (rich in love, working on the rest)
  • Sports (from pilates lovers to couch cheerleaders)
  • Lifestyle (embracing the chaos and cherishing the moments)
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Note that our group is purposefully private; we make sure all accounts are over 1 year old and active, which lends to our higher engagement rates and a robust newsletter (since we collect emails).

Fuel your journey with her uplifting stories and tips that help real women—from busy moms to tired wives and go-getter single ladies—navigate life's glorious highs and crushing lows.









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Furthermore, Randi's posts consistently attract a significant number of views, ranging from 3,000 to 19,000.

By partnering with HeyRandi, brands have the opportunity to connect with a diverse and engaged audience spanning different cultures and demographics, driving brand awareness and fostering meaningful relationships.

Don't miss out on the chance to work with HeyRandi and elevate your brand's presence and impact in these thriving urban hubs.


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Explore some of our recent campaigns, from sponsored posts to video projects. We're always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with brands in an authentic way that resonates with our followers.