Unveiling Christmas Magic: New Elf on the Shelf Products to Brighten Your Holiday Season

As the holiday season begins to dawn upon us, the search for fun and festive ways to celebrate with our families intensifies.

Many of us mamas look forward to seeing our children's faces light up with joy and anticipation, as we keep the magic of the season alive with our family traditions. Among the Christmas classics that have crossed generations, the beloved Elf on the Shelf has drifted our way providing joy, excitement and wonderment to many.

But, what if I told you that this festive period, it's getting a magical upgrade? Are you ready to make your Christmas celebrations even merrier? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes', sit back comfortably with a cup of hot cocoa as we unravel the enticing new Elf on the Shelf products for Christmas 2023.

A Magical Story from the North Pole

First on our list of revelations is the “Extraordinary Noorah: Santa’s Magical Arctic Fox” book.

This book, priced at $19.95, captivates the imagination with its vivid narration and colorful illustrations.

The accompanying Noorah™ Plush adds a touch of charm and magic, making it a perfect gift, or a new addition to your family's Christmas traditions.

As a mom to two, I've seen how stories can ignite the spark of imagination in our children. Trust me when I say, adding a captivating read like Noorah's saga to your Christmas Eve routine is the key to making the holiday season even more exciting.

Let's Read

Extraordinary Noorah- Santa’s Magical Arctic Fox Book Inside

In this enchanting tale, we are introduced to Noorah, an apparent ordinary arctic fox. However, underneath the ordinary lies the extraordinary—Noorah discovers she has the power to create northern lights and put time on hold, simply with a swish of her tail. Talk about girl power!

So what does she do with this newfound ability? She uses it to protect Santa’s sleigh, making it possible for him to traverse the world in a single night. Wrapped in 32 beautifully illustrated pages, this book not only narrates the legend of one of Santa's oldest accomplices, but it also reminds us of our inner strength and potential.

Just like Noorah, we all have our magic hidden within us, ready to illuminate the world. This endearing storybook is more than a bed-time read, it's an adventure into the extraordinary. So, let's dive into this fairy-tale, we're all a bit like Noorah—extraordinary in our own magical ways.

Come on, we all need a good holiday bedtime story to snuggle up to, right? The “Extraordinary Noorah: Santa's Magical Arctic Fox” book ($14.95) and the Noorah™ Plush ($19.95) make the perfect pair for a cozy evening spent keeping the Christmas spirit alive in your little ones' hearts.

Journey to the North Pole: ALL ABOARD! The PEPPERMINT TRAIN

Nothing screams Christmas adventure like the Scout Elves at Play® Peppermint Train Ride and the Glide-and-Go set.

Get ready for a wild, minty ride with the Scout Elves at Play® Peppermint Train ($16.95). This festive train keeps your little elves entertained, making your holiday adventures into a budget-friendly jubilee!

The former lets the festivities chug along at full steam, while the latter allows the elves to glide down in style. These sets are not just plain toys, but vehicles for creative narration and delightful scenarios that keep the Christmas spirit going throughout the season.

MagiFreez Cool Kicks Sneaker Trio

Claus Couture: A Stylish Twist

For the fashion enthusiast in you, the Claus Couture Collection® brings a variety of fun, fashionable accessories for your little elves this holiday season.

Every item is a trendsetter, be it the Ice Cream Party Dress, Christmas Sweater Set, Sweet Treats Tees, or the Tree Farm PJs.

Personal story time—I once asked my seven-year-old why he thought the elves wore new clothes every Christmas. He promptly replied, “Maybe they too want to look pretty for Christmas, like you mom!” This heartwarming response was a reminder to me that every Christmas is a special occasion calling for a unique celebration, even for our cute little elves.

Gear Up for some Action with MagiFreez®

The MagiFreez® Retro Rad ’80s Gear and Cool Kicks Sneaker Trio are the latest action-packed additions to the Elf on the Shelf product family. They add an edge of adventure, and a dash of retro aesthetics, transforming your elves into cool action figures.

More Exciting Additions

In the midst of all these fantastical offerings, the Elf on the Shelf® Scout Elf Carrier stand out as an exceptionally handy addition allowing your elves to travel in style. The Polar Props™ Cooking School Set promises to add a delicious twist to your tales. And do not forget “In Case of Elftastrophe“.

For the Love of Pets: Elf Pets® Cheer Checkup Set

Can we talk about Elf Pets? These little darlings need some attention too, don't they? Say hello to the Elf Pets® Cheer Checkup Set ($10.95)—budget friendliness has never looked this adorable!

Cutest Collectibles—The Elf on the Shelf® and Elf Pets® Minis

Hold onto your Santa hats—it's time for the Elf on the Shelf® and Elf Pets® Minis (Series 4) priced at a fantastic $5.95! Gasp! My wallet is smiling already, and yours will too!

Boo-yah! Polar Props™: Cooking School Set

Cook up a storm—or rather, a delightful elf scene—with the Polar Props™ Cooking School Set ($10.95). Lets create our own mini Christmas kitchen escapades while maintaining our savvy budget-conscious mindsets!

Embrace your inner Christmas Elf with these delightful products that keep the holiday magic alive .


With an array of exciting new Elf on the Shelf products set to make a grand entry in Christmas 2023, the countdown to the holiday season just got merrier. From engaging storybooks and enchanting plush dolls, stylish couture clothing, action gear, and practical magic essentials, they're the perfect additions to bring wonder and excitement to your festive traditions.

As we sign off, we encourage the magic-makers of every household—the mamas, the carers, the aunts—to explore these products and decide on which magic will stir your festive season.

If any of the products sparked your interest or if you have fun Elf on the Shelf stories to share, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

You can also sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates and more fun conversations!

Let's pour some hot cocoa, bake those cookies, and bring on the Christmas magic with the new 2023 Elf on the Shelf products, because ladies, this Christmas, we are turning things up!

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