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Oh, the constantly changing world of nail trends! Just when you thought you had seen it all, along comes the latest divisive fad: blueberry milk nails (ah hem LIGHT BLUE)…

While some are excited about this new nail color, others are uniquely upset 🤨. So, what's the big deal? Let's dive into the controversy and explore why the blue nail trend is stirring up so much debate.

Where did Blueberry Milk Nails come from?

The blueberry trend emerged after a TikTok video by Who What Wear dubbed the hue “the cutest summer nail trend” and noted that celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Sofia Richie were fans of the color.

@whowhatwear blueberry milk nails are my whole personality for summer 2023. 🫐🥛 #summernails #nailinspo2023 #sofiarichienails ♬ original sound – whowhatwear

But if you thought this sweet-sounding trend was born from a genuine love for blue-tinted dairy products, think again. As it turns out, blueberry nails have been a source of internet DRAMA since their inception. With some users calling them “manufactured” and “a marketing scheme”, the trend has garnered quite the following and backlash on social media.

Uniquely Upset: Social Media's Reaction to blueberry milk???

So, these nails have over 11 million views on TikTok, and opinions are divided. Some users are embracing the trend, while others are expressing frustration or even anger about its sudden emergence. For example, beauty influencer Katie Raymond posted a video saying, “We’re not turning ‘light blue’ into ‘blueberry milk.’ I refuse.” i will be wearing this nail polish for the rest of my life regardless LOL SO CUTE #fyp #blueberrymilknails #nails #makeup #trending ♬ original sound – katie

Others argue that the “unexpected” label attached to blueberry nails is, in and of itself, unexpected. Aidan, another beauty-focused content creator, pointed out that labeling pastel blue as “unexpected” for summer is like saying wearing gold is unexpected for Christmas—simply absurd.

The Science Behind Name-Driven Nail Trends

As a psychotherapist, who has a masters in clinical social work and degree in psychology, this fascinates me.

Why do some people care so much about the names given to blue nail trends—especially when they're just a new label for an already existing color? Social cognitive psychologist Albert Bandura's research may provide some insight. According to Bandura, people enjoy following trends because it “shortens and eases the thought process” when deciding what to buy, wear, or become.

But when a marketing ploy like renaming “light blue” as “blueberry milk” is too much, people struggle to buy into the trend. This is one factor behind the backlash against milky nails, as well as the skepticism surrounding other food-inspired beauty fads like “donut glazed nails, “hush cut”, “tomato girl summer,” “cherry cola hair,” and “McDonald’s bangs.”

Getting Creative: Beyond the light blue Trends

randi wearing blue nails for summer in her mercedes benz car

My own take on blueberry milk nails for summer

The issue with name-based trends is that they recycle pre-existing colors, styles, or looks. While these tactics can be great for brands looking to sell products, they often leave consumers seeking true creativity at a loss.

Instead, if you're frustrated and searching for an authentic, refreshing style-consider breaking free from mainstream trends and exploring your own unique ideas.

Finding Your Balance: Embracing or Rejecting Blueberry Milk Nails

randi showing her blueberry milk nails

in the end do what makes you happy

So, should you jump on the blueberry bandwagon or staunchly refuse to adopt this trend? The choice is yours, but it's essential to remember that creativity and individuality matter more than following the crowd. If you love the color and think it'll suit your style, go for it!

But if milkshake nails aren't your thing, don't feel pressured to conform. After all, true beauty lies in embracing our authentic selves.

Our Favorite Blue Hued Polishes

Thoughts on light blue nails?

randi wearing light blue nails for summer holding a sparkling stanley tumbler cup

these are my real nails with a gel polish

This nails trend may be controversial, but it also serves as an important reminder to think critically about the marketing and trends that color our world. While it's okay to dabble in the latest fad, remember your personal style and preferences. Stay true to yourself, ignore the noise, and above all, have fun with your nails! 💅

So, let us know your thoughts and opinions. Are you planning to try blueberry milk nails? Share in the comments!

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Everything You Need To Know: Blueberry Milk Nails Top 8 FAQs Answered

Blueberry Milk Nails are causing quite a stir in the beauty world. As budding nail enthusiasts or even industry veterans, you may have a few questions. Here's a comprehensive FAQ guide to quench your curiosity about this trending nail design.
What are Blueberry Milk Nails?

Blueberry Milk Nails are a nail art trend that combines a specific shade of pastel blue color reminiscent of milk mixed with blueberries and often paired with unique designs for a unique and captivating look.

Are Blueberry Milk Nails suitable for all skin tones?

Yes, the soft pastel shade of Blueberry Milk Nails is versatile and complements all skin tones. The blueberry-milky hue gives a stylish and elegant statement regardless of the wearer's skin shade.

Can I achieve the Blueberry Milk Nails effect with a DIY manicure at home?

Absolutely! With the right nail polish shade and a bit of patience, you can achieve this trendy look at home. The key lies in the application—use thin layers and allow them to dry completely before adding the next for the best effect.

What colors go well with Blueberry Milk Nails?

While the blueberry milk shade is stunning on its own, it can also be paired with other pastel colors for a fun, springtime look. Additionally, white detailing can give it a gorgeous milk-and-berries effect.

What occasions are best to flaunt Blueberry Milk Nails?

The Blueberry Milk Nails are so versatile that they complement any occasion! Be it a casual hangout, a brunch date, a party, or even a formal event.

What nail shapes work best with Blueberry Milk Nails?

While the color suits all nail shapes, it particularly stands out on almond and oval shapes as they provide a wider canvas for the color to pop!

Which celebrities have been seen with Blueberry Milk Nails?

Many celebrities and influencers have been spotted flaunting Blueberry Milk Nails, further fueling its trend. Zendaya, Sofia Richie and Dua Lipa are just a few who have sported the look.

What nail shapes work best with Blueberry Milk Nails?

While the color suits all nail shapes, it particularly stands out on almond and oval shapes as they provide a wider canvas for the color to pop!