Birthday Freebies FAQ

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Are you ready to get the most out of your birthday celebrations? Well, you’re in luck! Here are 10 frequently asked questions about birthday freebies, answered with a touch of sass and tons of empowering tips to make your special day even more amazing.

Birthday freebies are awesome perks that many businesses offer to customers celebrating their birthdays. From free food and drinks to beauty products and entertainment tickets, these freebies can add some serious sparkle to your special day.

Many businesses offer birthday freebies, including restaurants, coffee shops, beauty brands, clothing stores, and even amusement parks.

You just need to do a quick search online to find out which ones have freebies in your area. A lot of local businesses offer them too. 

To get birthday freebies, you usually need to sign up for the brand's loyalty program or email newsletter or text messages.

Some brands may also require you to make a purchase or have a certain level of membership to unlock freebies.

Yes, most businesses will ask to see your ID to confirm your birthdate. So, make sure you have a valid ID with you on your special day!

Better to be safe than miss out on your freebie. 

Some businesses allow you to redeem birthday freebies online, while others may require you to visit their physical store.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to learn how to redeem your freebies.

Most birthday freebies are non-transferrable and can only be claimed by the person whose birthday it is.

But hey, why not celebrate with your friends and family in a different way? Share your treat with them on your birthday!

Some birthday freebies also offer BOGO (buy 1 get one free). 

Birthday freebies are usually only available during your birthday month (some, only on your actual birth day).

So, it's essential to plan ahead and sign up for loyalty programs during the months leading up to your birthday.

The only downside to getting birthday freebies is the temptation to indulge, which can take a toll on your budget 😉

But, when it comes to indulging on your birthday, I always say #treatyoself! 


To make the most out of your birthday freebies, plan ahead by signing up for loyalty programs and newsletters well in advance.

Create an itinerary for your special day and plan to visit multiple businesses that offer freebies, but remember to keep things balanced for your health and budget.

Now, go out there and celebrate like the fabulous,  babe you are!

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