The Ultimate Guide to Amazon’s Holiday Toy Catalog 2023

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Unlock the Joy of the HOLIDAY Season

As the autumn leaves turn golden and the winter chill creeps in, one thing is clear: holiday season is almost here.

For mothers, it's an exhilarating yet daunting time, filled with the blissful joy of children’s laughter, family gatherings, and a perennial question – what are the perfect gifts to light up your little ones’ faces? Don't fret.

In the grand labyrinth of gift choices, Amazon’s Holiday Toy Catalog 2023 offers a beacon of delightful clarity. This blog post is your personal guide to navigate through this treasure trove.

Amazon's Annual Toy Extravaganza!

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Like clockwork every October, Amazon becomes our own personal Santa's helper, dishing out their Wish Book, a treasure trove of toy splendor. Surprise surprise!

As of September 29th, we were graced with this year’s latest and greatest version. In a replay from 2022, the “Share The Adventure Holiday Kids Gift Book” landed right on our doormats in early October. Talk about punctuality, huh? Kudos Amazon!

Don't scamper off to the internet just yet! The full catalog may not be online as of this moment, but trust me, the real deal is worth the wait.

Showcasing over 600, yes 600, toys and gifts for your little ones, it's more stuffed than your turkey last Thanksgiving!  Just imagine your FB posts now… #SuperMomma!

For us 21st-century mamas who can't wait to start exploring, Amazon has sprinkled QR codes across every page (seriously, every single page), transporting you to the online version of the wonderland with just a click. High tech meets low stress, exactly my cup of eggnog!

Plus, let's not forget that the pages are brimming with crafts and mini-activities to keep those bubbling kiddos busy. So, gear up for joy, fun, and the spirit of giving, without losing your sanity or maxing out that credit card!

Your winter wonderland is just a page flip away!

The Catalog: A Sneak Peek

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Let’s unravel the best of Amazon Holiday Toy Catalog 2023, from timeless classics like Barbie dolls to inspiring STEM toys like LEGO sets, and everything in between. This catalogue, filled with remarkable exclusives, is sure to make your child's eyes sparkle with delight.

Expert Picks: Top Toys of The Season

In an era when kids are spoilt for choice, selecting the right toy that fires your child’s creativity can be challenging. Luckily, industry experts, like the Amazing Stealz sisters, Randi and Kelly, have combed through the catalog to bring us some top recommendations. They include:

Things to Consider

While the expert picks are fantastic, how do you choose what’s right for your child?

We recommend paying attention to your child’s interests, age, and the toy’s educational value.

Most importantly, remember that the costliest toy isn’t necessarily always the best toy.

The Charm of Collectibles

From Barbie The Movie Collectible Doll at just $24.99, to the LEGO Star Wars 332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Battle Pack, the catalog boasts a stunning assortment of exclusive collectibles that you won't find elsewhere. Here's the perfect chance to start a new holiday tradition!

Stress-Free Shopping: How to Navigate the App

Have you ever wondered how seasoned shoppers snag the best deals without breaking a sweat? It's simple! Use4  the Amazon mobile app to scan any item in the toy catalog and put it directly in your cart – skipping the hassle of searching.

How Do I get a Catalog?

So, let me spill the tea on Amazon's little method of operation here. It's like being the belle of the ball, but with catalog distribution.

Mostly the lucky Prime members get the first dips on this toy catalog glory. (Sigh! Always the Prime members, am I right?)

Now, don't you go sulking in a corner, darling! If you find that mailbox tragically minus a toy catalog this year, you can sometimes ask dear Amazon for one.

Being your insta-updates gal, I will pounce on the chore of hooking you up with a link to grab one of these as soon as they pop up on their site. How's that for service?

But, let me be real here: supplies of these catalogs could give unicorns a run for their money in the scarcity department. I mean, they run out faster than a discounted Manolo Blahnik sale! So, you're going to want to be quicker than a Bachelor final rose ceremony.

Now for the itty-bitty notion in the fine print. While the book itself struts around town free of charge, the shipping isn't a part of the no-cost entourage, darling, at least not for the non-Prime members among us. Last year, that pesky shipping cost ran to the tune of $5.99. A minor hitch in our frugalista quest, but hey, that's why we love a heads up, right?! 

Your golden ticket to toy town

connect the dots amazon holiday toy catalog 2023 inside

Here's your golden ticket, to your Amazon Toy Haul

This URL is a doorway to a toy wonderland, showcasing literally ALL one can imagine from the Amazon Christmas toy book.

As dreamy as it sounds to effortlessly add toys to your online cart, isn't there something magical about the rustle of catalog pages?

Remember how, back in the day, the Sears Catalog was our ultimate Christmas wishlist guide?

Those sweet memories are alive again, with today's tiny tots flipping through the Amazon Christmas toy book! It seems good old nostalgia has gotten a tech-savvy upgrade for our dear new generation. 

Kick it back to the '90s: Nostalgic Toys That are Making a Splash Again

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(And How They Won't Break the Bank!)

So, remember how totally tubular the '90s were? Magic Magic 8 Ball predictions, heated battles with pogs, and saving the day with our mighty Power Rangers action figures?!

Well, hold on to your slap bracelets because, nostalgia from this golden decade is making a comeback, BIG TIME! Not just on the TV screens with blockbuster hits like Super Mario Bros., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers, but also right in your kiddo's toybox.

Yes, you heard me, right! Your favorite 90's toys have hit the shelves again causing all of us 90's kids to relive our glory days.

1.Back to the Classics: '90s Box Office Hits

Our beloved 90's characters are back in action. But this time, they're not just on the cinema screens, instead, they've poured out into super-fun toys.

Get your hands on Super Mario Bros. Movie 7-inch Bowser Action Figure, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem Be a Ninja Roleplay Set (an Amazon Exclusive) and the Transformers Beast-Mode Bumblebee.

It's the perfect trip to nostalgia town, without the crazy cinema popcorn prices!

2. Minis are Making a Statement

Seems like it's the dawn of the little guys. Our hearts are melting over the charm of the MGA Entertainment Miniverse Make It Mini Multipack.

These tiny titans might be small, but they're packing a fun-sized punch, that's for sure!

3. Say Om: Zen to Stress-Relief Toys

In our go-go world, who among us couldn't use a little zen? Thankfully, it seems the toy companies have caught onto our need to chillax. They're offering a huge range of comforting, stress-relieving toys.

We're talking snuggly plushies like Sesame Street Monster Hugs Elmo and sensory objects like the Creativity for Kids Outer Space Sensory Bin.

Let's not forget the peaceful building set for us Lego Adults, the LEGO Icons Tranquil Garden set. Because honestly, who said kids should have all the fun?

4. LEGO Sets for the Win

Is it even Christmas if there isn't at least one LEGO set under the tree? This year, we're loving the Home Alone and Disney UP! Movie sets.

We're talking hours of festive fun that doesn't involve a single screen. Bliss!

5. Get Crafty: Klutz Craft & Activity Books

There's something so gratifying about getting crafty, right? I'm talking about those fun like Elmers Squishies and Crayola Scribble Scrubbies (some of our kids favorites).

Some good old family time without breaking the bank? Yes, please!

6. Joyful Laughter: Games

We love family game night and we bought this game back in June and have been having a blast playing it! It's a top family game for under the Christmas Tree. Check out TAPPLE

7. Vroom Vroom: Ride-On Toys

Ride-On Toys top the charts again as Christmas favorites according to good ol' Amazon. This year's list includes the Little Tikes Ride on Motorcycle and Super Mario Kart Ride on Racer. Time to ride into the festive season in style!


amazon holiday toy catalog 2023 inside roblox game

If you're a Roblox devotee or just a curious newbie, there's a treat tucked away for you. Give that pesky QR code on good old page 40 a scan.

Yep, for the first time in the history of ever, Roblox is throwing a Holiday Dash party and we're all invited! 🎉

Buuut wait, there's more – turns out, you can also snag some sweet swag while having a blast. Here's the catch – you need to strike while the iron is still hot, gals. This rockin’ deal is here to jazz up your Roblox life until Dec. 31, 2023, then it's bye-bye baby.

Let's roll the clock back a bit now, 'cause remember this time last year? Yep, we all got to bedazzle our gamer selves with the sizzling Too Cool Fire Fox virtual head accessory (My head’s still hot from all that foxiness.🔥). Let us know what you score in the comments below. 

puzzles, games, and crafts

Alright, listen up you fabulous mamas, the catalog s also a paradise for our little ones – a jackpot of puzzles, games, and crafts sprinkled within those glossy pages, right next to TOP toys.

It's like finding treasure in a cereal box, without the cereal. 🎁

Let me share with you of the fun activities Amazon tossed in like confetti in this year's catalog…

  • 🐻 Bears Scavenger Hunt – Page 21 
  • 🦉 Owls Maze – Page 29 
  • 🎉 Stickers – Page 39 
  • 🎮 Roblox Game – Page 40
  • 🦝 Raccoons Word Search – Page 53 
  • 🦊 Foxes World Jumble – Page 67 
  • \\ Connect the Dots – Page 85 
  • 🖍️ Coloring Page – Page 105 

So there you have it. A no-holds-barred look at a toy catalog that doubles as an activity book for kids. Cheap thrills on a dime? I think so! 

And remember, at Hey Randi, you don't have to break the bank to break out the fun!


With holidays approaching, it’s time to dive into the joy of gift-giving. The Amazon Holiday Toy Catalog 2023 makes it easy with its wide range of toys that mix fun with learning.

So, embrace this season with a calm mind and heart, armed with this ultimate guide, and let the joyous laughter of your children resonate around the house.

Remember, toys are more than just playthings. They are the catalysts of imagination, the tools of learning, and the tokens of love that represent the holiday spirit.

We're bringing back the joy and the fun without the stress Christmas shopping doesn't have to drain your bank account or your sanity: let's be clever about this.

Lastly, it's not about how much you spend, it's about the laughs, the surprises, and the smiles on Christmas morning. 

Happy holidays, and let the magical gift hunt begin!

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